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Sunday, August 13, 2006

   oh my!
Wow, now I'm beginning to wonder if I'm dead to this site. I don't have a ranking anymore. Oh well, life goes on and moving on to bigger and better things is part of it. Not that MyO is small or insignicant, but it's kinda like higschool. Not the biggest event in a lifetime. Ya know? I might poke around every blue moon, but that'll be about it I think.

Anyway, news, what's been up with me.

Well, the Admin X of YC up and hacked his own site, and for a while it looked like he had deleted it. This made a lot of us people very angry and is generally considered as a "bad move". The good part it that we made a new YC, and we are rid of the Curse of Matt and a lot of bad apple members. I'm happy about having the largest number of posts on the board. ^__^ So the new YC is basically the same thing as the old YC, just better.

AND, I have a web comic! Kind of a first person suspense one shot. I'm working on the next page today, hopefully be up tomorrow.

School starts again Friday. I keep looking around at college and niversity info, and can see that I can't afford to be very smart. Looks like I'll be needing a few student loans, and I better work for scholarships while I'm at it. Being smart is expensive but it can pay off. The one university I really like is too expensive, so I'd have to change my permanent address to go there. Doing that would cut the tuition in half, and luckily my grandparents live near there, so that is a REMOTE possibility. I'll probably go to a cheaper nearby college to do those pointless courses, like English and History of Civ. But wherever I go, I want a Masters Degree; freaking expensive to attain but it pays for itself.

Until next blue oon, Khemosabi, Ja ne!

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