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Saturday, September 4, 2004

   that's it for today, folks...

kaiba reseult
seto kaiba

What egyptian yugioh character are u?
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perfect couple!!! you have a great time with
him.And you would like to have another date
with him.you would have a pleasent furture with
each other. wow, that sounded great!!! don't u
think so???

first date with seto kaiba (from yu gi oh) (for girls)(with cool pictures)
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You're a Seto Kaiba fangirl! ^_^
You ARE a Seto Kaiba fangirl! Congratulations, you
deserve to join the ranks of all us others!

Are You A Seto Kaiba Fangirl?
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u r going to marry seto kaiba he is may be mean and
careless to others like jeoy but deep in side u
know he is a nice guy.he is sexy and very

which yu gi oh character will u marry?(for girls)(wtith cool pic)
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   seto quizes!!!

I take a lot of seto quizes @ quizilla. I even take the ones that are in languages I don't know and I still get Seto. ^_^ chech out my qiz results!

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I would like to thank all of those of you (?) whom I wrote to asking about stuff. Thanks a bunch your replies really helped!

Now if yuo don't mind I'll try to find a Hikaru Midorikawa homepage and hopefully download his sexy Seto voice onto my computer

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Friday, September 3, 2004


So... I found this suspicious scab on my face an scraped it off just a few hours ago. The next thing I know is something is trickling down into my eye, and what is it? BLOOD!! A THICK STREAK OF OOZING RED BLOOD! At first I was like "Whoa!" O_O then I said "hey that's kinda cool..."
But it hasn't bled again since, si I gues I'm not going to die. Unless I gethit by a truck somehow...

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YAAAY!! My team just won the volleyball game!! It's our second game, actually, but the first one I got to play in!! Even though I only touched the ball once... ^_^0 I'M STILL HAPPY!!!

Seto: Well, as long as you don't post any more pix of me.

That reminds me, I have to post those pix of seto!


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