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Saturday, March 31, 2007



I haven't updated in forever! I'm sorry for the hiatus. I'm just here updating, tell you that DbJ is still on hiatus [though, some may not care, that's okay] until I figure out what I want to do with it. But thanks for dropping by occasionally. & to the people that have most recently signed out GB. Thanks for looking out!

So. Until next time.

\\ Lareine.

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Sunday, October 8, 2006


I'm glad you all liked the MP3 Rotation when I last updated. To answer your question (I forgot who asked), but yes, you can keep them forever.

Anyways, it's the month of October. Halloween is creeping up soon. So, here's your BOTMOctober.


I have no bio ready for X Japan, because I'm sure you all know who the band is already. If not, then I command to look up on Google. Because, for shame on not knowing who X Japan is.

Or if not Google, then click here for a description on X Japan.

& here's your music of X, I hope you enjoy.

White Poem I - X Japan
Say Anything - X Japan
Forever Love - X Japan
Unfinished - X Japan
Rose of Pain - X Japan
Kurenai - X Japan
Endless Rain -X Japan
Voiceless Screaming - X Japan



In other news, in case you've read my recent post. You know that this month maybe the last month Death by JROCK may have. No, DbJ isn't closing, but it may take on Haitus. I haven't decided on whether or not DbJ should be on hiatus or not. School's become overwhelming since I've taken Advanced classes & time on the computer has become limited.

I hope you all understand this situation & enjoy this month's BOTM.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

I hope you all had enjoyed this month's band, Onmyouza.

This time we have something new for you!

*drum roll*

An MP3 Rotation!

To get to the music ---> Death by JROCK. I hope you all enjoy it. It's the first time for DbJ, so download a tell me how it is.

We won't be doing any requests though, so our music rotations will be random. Some old some new.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Friday, September 1, 2006

Happy September!

It's September 1st minna-san! Which means, school starts soon or for some of you guys school started in August. But! It's gonna be fall which means no more summer. I can only hope, that it will be really really cold in California o(>.<)o.

Anyways, for September, our new theme is: Onmyouza!

What? Who is this 'Onmyouza'? Well, I've found a member page, but it's completely in Japanese. >.< Gah! So, I took the time to get it translated in Babel Fish. So, yay for Babel Fish. It may not be the 'greatest' way to get things translated, but hey. I don't think my neighbor can read Japanese.

So, here:

This is Kuroneko, the lead vocalist & the only female in Onmyouza. Her birthday is on 07/16 [<---Happy Belated Belated Birthday!] Her native place is the Ehime Prefecture[?]. She's 157cm tall & weighs 41kg

Next is, Matatabi. He's the vocalist & bassist of Onmyouza. His birthday is on 12/14 [<---It's coming up!] His native place is Mie Prefecture. He's 183 cm & weighs 59kg.

This is Maneki, he's the guitarist of Onmyouza. He comes from the Kanagawa Prefecture. He was born on 02/24. He is 160 cm talls & weighs 50kg.

The other guitarist is, Karukan. He comes from the Nagasaki Prefecture. He was born on 04/30. He is 182cm tall & weighs 67kg.

He is the drummer of the band. He is from the Kanagawa Prefecture. His birthday is on 10/05 [<----His is coming up too!] He is 165 cm & weighs 52kg.

The kind of style Onmyouza plays is angura-kei. To me, they remind me of Inugami Circus-dan. Except more different? Eh, the Kuroneko's voice isn't as 'shrill' as Kyouko's. There, I guess that would kind of explain my opinion. Eum. Here's some music.

This isn't on our Multiply site. But here. It's from their album back in 2005.

I hope you enjoy all!

Check back soon!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I'm tired of people thinking that this is a blog. It's not. Unless they have read the entire intro [which is not that long] & fully understand what the hell I'm talking about. They shouldn't leave messages like, 'Cool j-rock, I'll add you!'

God-fucking-dammit. Pisses the hell out of me. >.< I should change the intro.

Well anyways, I've changed the site a bit. I'll be changing the theme soon, so you can look out for that. & *surprise* there's going to be some new things coming up this new month. So, that's exciting to look forward to.

So, in some J-rock news, Gackt has released his 'Gackt Greatest Filmography 1999-2006'. There's a blue & red version. Don't know why though..>.<

& what's this? Gackt & Yoshiki forming a band? I just don't...

Nevermind. Whatever it is, it might as well be great. You have Mr. SexMachine & Yoshiki. Greatness. I have to go to one of their concerts.

Anyways, that's it. I hope you loves have a nice day!

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy Birthday!


Today's Gackt's birthday! How wonderful. Two celebrations in one. Anyways, being a good girl that I am.

I've put together some of the Gackt videos that I have for you!


Make to check back on the Archives to see who are BOTM is!

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Saturday, July 1, 2006


Lareine here with this month's band! For July, it's MUCC

VO: Tatsuro - August 21
GU: Miya - July 26
B: Yukke - November 5
DR: Satochi - August 12

Bio taken from Otakon.com.

"Determined to do J-Rock their own way, MUCC has been bringing their amazingly unique sound to fans for over nine years. MUCC is comprised of: Miya on guitar; Satochi on drums; Yukke on bass; and Tatsuro, the group¡¯s vocalist. The group¡¯s songs have the ability to pull on the heart-strings of listeners and carry elevating messages of hope and warmth.

In 1997, the band was formed when Satochi, Miya, and Tatsuro met in high school. The following year the band recorded and released three demotapes: NO?!, Tsubasa Wo Kudasai, and Aika. Yukke joined the band in 1999, completing MUCC¡¯s perfect harmony. The band made two more demotapes, Shuuka and Aka, and finally released their first CD album, Antique.

In 2000, the band released their first CD single, Shoufu/Hai, and a re-release of Antique. The day of release, 6/9, became known as MUCC Day, because "69" is pronounced ¡°muku¡± in Japanese. January of 2001 marked the release of MUCC¡¯s first full album, Tsuuzetsu. Later that year they also released two singles, "Akaban" and "Aoban", and a mini-album entitled Aishuu.

The band started their own original label, Shu, in 2002. Under the new label, they released a new maxi-single, "Fu Wo Tataeru Uta". On the ninth of June that year, the band sold their new single, "Suisou". And later, on ¡°Reverse MUCC Day¡± (September 6), the band released their second album, Houmurauta.

The band continued to release albums: Zekuu in 2003, Kuchiki no Tou in 2004, and Houyoku in 2005. This year, the band released their sixth album, the appropriately titled 6. During their career, MUCC has continued to play live shows, with emotional melody lines derived from Japanese exotic pop songs, and as a result, their fan base grows each year. With their songs about humanity, MUCC represent a new generation of global artists."

That does it. June 9th is now MUCC day.



July Rotation:

Akatsuki Yami
Mae E
Natsu Matsuri (whiteberry cover)
Kuukyo na Heya
69 Boku no..
Aoki Haru

LINKED ONMay Rotation:

Kare ga Shinda hi


I hope you have enjoyed this month's band rotation & the music I've provided. Have a nice day!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Future News

...Welcome to Channel 8 news upcoming for DBJ during the summer is:

an MP3 rotation
possibly fanart/fanfiction

If we do open up a fanart/fanfiction can I count on you guys to submit?

As for the MP3 rotation, I'm not sure when that'll be up, I'm still in the process of making the list.

..so, anyway viewers, that's all for now. Until next time. Thanks for tuning in.

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

i hate css...

Just a wee bit late here...
What's seven days, really?

Band of the month is : Kannivalism
Public Eyes
Play Asia for Soko Humority
Humority the 1st Kannivalism FanSite

Background Images:
March Cure

I have no music samples - see the OHP for those. Actually, SLSK and Ares have so samples for me therefore I provide no music for you. I'm sorry about that loves.

LtR on the background:
Guitar: Kei
Vocal: Ryo
Bass: Yuchi

Ryo and Kei were roadies for Kagerou before they formed Clarity in 2000; Kannivalism began in late 2000. The line-up consisted of Ryo on vocals, Kei on guitar, 8342 (who later changed his name to Yuchi) on bass, and Kiri on drums.

After half a year and the release of just one single, they disbanded on June 20th, 2001.

Ryo and Kei stayed together and formed Baroque; through Baroque, they gained popularity, recognition, and success. 8342 joined Porori and became a support member for Miyavi. Kiri joined 8342 in Porori and participated in Yuki¡¯s (Rice, former Raphael) project Unzu.

Baroque disbanded in 2004 and after a year of silence Ryo and Kei announced the revival of Kannivalism. Yuchi (8342) re-joined Kannavalism, however, Kiri did not return.

April 2006, after 5 years from the release of the first maxi, the five track maxi-single Soukou Humority came out. Most of the songs on the release have the same trademark jazzy atmosphere which are unmistakably similar to Baroque¡¯s former style. This style is sure to follow in their later releases.

Later loves~
Have a stellar day!
- Love,
Rei chan

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Monday, May 1, 2006

Yay! It's May! Our new theme is Shiina Ringo!

Yay! ♥
Okay, so anyway. I don't really have any information like: birthday, age, etc.

But here's some sites that you can read up about her:

Shiina Ringo 1

Shiina Ringo 2

The only thing that I have/know is that her real name is Yumiko Shiina & she's a solo artist & in a band called Tokyo Jihen they're really good too.

So, I hope you enjoy this month's artist. Here's some music you can download:


Have fun!

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