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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random Facts about moi.

1. I find it next to impossible to get a job in my town. Everyone ignores my application because I don't have any EXPERIENCEEEE.
2. I don't get on Myspace as often as I used to. I find it almost next to annoying with all of these ~applications and easy ways to stalk people. It's getting creepy.
3. I am fucking vulgar. It's becoming a bad, baaad habit.
4. I'm replaying FFX for the nine thousandth time. I never get sick of it...for some reason. FFX-2 hardly lived up to it, in my opinion.
5. I really really want to play Crisis Core, but I lack PSP. :[
6. All of my favorite bands are getting recognized by the media and soon my music taste will no longer be somewhat different from the rest of the student body.
7. I miss school. Kinda. Sorta. Sorta-kinda.
8. New Moon is fucking boring as hell at the moment. WHY AM I READING IT.

That's all.
My life's too boring at the moment for a proper update.


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