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Sunday, April 6, 2008

   Im back
Im back for those who care...
I needed a break until my paper was done, and its done so...Im back?

I doubt anyone even noticed I was gone...-_-''
Over the time of my absence, I...didn't really do anything. I got some new manga and clothes...and I keep my hair curly now...
I still hate men.
I still bitch 24/7.
I still find penis jokes funny.



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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm failing health, so I can only get on the computer once a day because...er yeah.

I have 2 big projects coming up.
I'm still here, I'll comment you guys every once in awhile...

You probably all went off to Version Vibrant...
Which wasnt as great as I thought it was.

My world is:

Here. Click plz.

I still love you guys.
Its just the internet isnt my top priority.
If you ever want to catch me anywhere else just

AIM: heythereaaya
myspace: Here.


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Listening to: Babies of the 80's - Something Corporate
Feeling: paranoid

Hello Everyone. I ended up getting North Korea for my World History paper. North Korea happened to be my FIFTH choice, and I'm not all that thrilled. I'm at least happy that I didn't get some random country that has a population of 1,000. =/

I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday. I'm not exactly excited. At all. I'm afraid the people are going to mess up my hair. Though, I always have that kind of paranoia when I get my haircut.

Have you guys ever seen the flash videos called Salad Fingers? If you're not easily disturbed by morbid randomness, you should watch them. My friend Miles got me to watch them and they're so odd...yet hilarious.

My parents are fighting.

Im not saying that to sound like every other whiney teenager. I'm just a little worried, because my parents have never fought this much before. My dad walked out on his birthday party that we were having for him last Sunday. I really wasn't sure what to think about it. A lot of my friends' parents have gotten divorces, and I was always thankful that my parents never argued.

Maybe its just a roadbump in their relationship.

Sorry for the length.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

   hai thar.
Listening to: Good Life (ft. T-Pain) - Kanye West

IM EATING PIZZA! Extra cheese with onions. =D=D=D
We're supposed to get a bunch of snow tonight! And this time, I'm not sick! So I can go frolic in it like a 5 year-old. Also, with the way things are looking, we're probably getting a snow day.
Because, we'll eventually have to make it up in the summer. When its hot. X[ I don't do well in hot weather.

Today in World History, we had to pick countries that we'd like to do reports on. These reports have to be NINE pages long, not including Bibliography and title page. So I'm going to have to get to work.
I picked:
1. Japan (of course, 84592345732489 other people picked it also, so I'm probably not going to get it. :()
2. Greece
3. Romania
4. North Korea
5. China

I have a feeling I'm going to get stuck with Romania...because a lot of people picked Greece. Not that I mind Romania...I just don't know much about it. Other than its in Europe and...nothing else. ^^;

But other than that...Ive been up to the usual



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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Listening to: Myaku - Dir En Grey
Current mood: Still sick. -sneeze-

FINALLY~~! A proper post from me. I apologize for not ever being on the computer anymore. I'm thinking about switching up my site, but I'm not sure.
AAAND I can never find a proper wallpaper.
So I doubt that, unless I happen upon a gold mine full of sweet, sweet wallpaper.
Today is a snow day for our school, but I wasn't going to go anyway...but still. We got 4 or 5 inches of snow (I think) and I can't go out and play in it. V_V
I actually watched the craptastic Naruto dub on Cartoon Network last night...
It's an lol-fest...In my opinion. I don't really care for ANYONE'S voice...at all. So I'm going to stick to subtitles. >_>

I woke Jenny up from her ~sleep~ this morning. I texted her at like...6:15-ish. I was surprised I even got up that early. ._.
I'm really outdoing myself.
Posting and waking up early.

The world's going to end now.

ahhh--- and comments aren't working for me, so I don't hate me if I don't comment. The window comes up and doesn't load.



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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Version Vibrant is coming.
Did anyone find any bugs yet?
Im sick as a dog.
I missed Death Note last night, so I cant LOLROFL at the dub voices.

and its fillertiems on Narewtoe.
I haet fillertiem.
I got sicker at my friend Nick's
Im sorry I havent updated.

I still <3 you all.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

School has been boring as usual. More papers for College Prep English. [blahhhhhh -____-]
I'm starting to get lazy again. About halfway through the year I get super lazy and distracted. It's something I have to work on.

AGH. And I've been wondering where Jenny is. I miss talking to her. She's my AIM buddy, so since she's been gone AIM has been lonely. = [

I started on my art project, which has to do with pastels. :3 I love it.
Its messy and fun.

I plan on going to a small anime convention in State College on the 26th. Me and a group of friends are going...so I'm very excited about that.

Other than that, I've really been up to a whole lot of nothing. X3
'08 is turning out to be very boring.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm SO happy for the weekend. This past week of school was so stressful. I'm usually a very lazy student due to habit, but I had to do a lot of work in the past week it's crazy.

I crammed for my College Prep English class. The midterm wasn't too terrible, just 3 uber long essay questions take a lot out of the person. Especially since our teacher makes us write 457342598475982345723453489 pages. ^^;

I had to finish up my Biology midterm, which was a comic book. To be honest, It was terrible. My comic book was so cute though. I'm not sure if my teacher will be all that thrilled though. It HAD to have some connections with Biology.

We had a history test that I forgot all about and probably flunked. <.<

And I have a feeling my Art teacher is ticked off at me. Ive been super stressed, so I put off my art project and hardly got any of it done. So I have to work extra hard on it.

Overall, this week was full of stress...
But tonight I'll unwind somehow.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

I can hardly hear.
I realllllly need to stop blasting my ipod...
I just got back from -blasting my ipod while dancing like a retard-
and my ears are ringing and I can hardly hear!


I finally got an idea for my science midterm though.
Im doing fish.



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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

   oh hay thur
I had a pretty crappy new year. I ended up running into my worst enemy at my friends New Years Party and ended up leaving.
So I went home and watched the New Years show on MTV...mainly due to the fact that Gabe was on there with Travie.

And theyre two of my favorite people.
I had an awkward situation with a guy today.

I dont really feel like typing it up, but basically I got groped.
and Im not going to elaborate.

ANYWAYS, I have a bio midterm due next friday and we have to do a comic book



and then I have 4523908453247959823457234985 other midterms.

not much else


^cobra's new video

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