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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


hey everyone

wow and i thought summer was supposed to be relaxing

ive ben really busy helping my dad get ready for his new house

but this sunday is my birthday! yay! i mite get my industrial! (peircing) it will be awsome! iam excited!

well sry its ben so long, iam soo tired *yawn*
hope everyone is having a good summer!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006


hmm can you still see the first post with the AMV in it? i cant see it but people have commented it....odd....

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hey everyone!

not much to talk about, still very busy

so heres one of my favorite KH2 AMVs
it has one of my favorite songs in it and its just an awsome AMV, very good sense of timing
so enjoy ^^

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Monday, June 5, 2006


hi everyone!

holy crap iam tired!
ive ben sooo busy lately

ive ben trying to pick classes for next year wich is annoying and stressful
ive ben helping my dad pick out carpet and stuff for his house wich is soo much fun! lol
and ive ben hanging out with ¢¾Jarrad¢¾ and LoLo and Josh almost every day and its ben sooo much fun. this is their last week of school! YAY! LoLos last day is wednsday and Jarr and Joshs last day is thursday so me and LoLo are gonna go visit their school on thursday just to say hi to people since its the last day. its wierd to think all my friends are highschool juniors now! and that iam gonna be a college freshman! its freaking wierd! sometimes i wish i was just still in highschool cuz i dunno if iam ready for college yet...and my mom couldnt be any less supportive. shes basically just telling me to suck it up and stop worrying wich doesnt help at all. but oh well.

hope everyone is doing good!
have a good week everyone! ^.^

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Friday, May 26, 2006


hi everyone

well things are still good over here in Ali-Land other then the fact ive ben sooo freaking busy and iam really tired. things with jarrad are still awsome and his brother josh and lolo are now dating too! it couldnt be more perfect! lol. since jarrad and josh live rite down the street from me lolo is gonna be over at my house alot of the summer so we 4 will get to hang out alot! :D this weekend we are gonna try to go to the movies if we can get money, and if not then we'll just hang out. and more good news, my dad is getting a house! not just an apartment but a house! ill finally be able to spend more then just a couple hours with him at a time! the house isnt finished yet and nothing is official but he was approved to get the house so unless somthing goes horribly wrong in the next couple monthes he could be moved in by August! ahh omg iam so excited! so everyone hope that nothing goes wrong and my dad gets the house!

well thats all for now have a great weekend everyone! ^__^

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


hey guys

sry its ben awhile again
my old comp finally gave in and died
so we got a new one yay ^.^
so now my comps all fast and good and iam happy about it lol.
well things are still really good with jarrad. i love him to death. he and his bro have a 4 day weekend coming up so me and them and LoLo are gonna hang out lots ^.^

well thats pretty much it for now. hope everyone is doing good


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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

   just a song lyric really

hi everyone!

well iam still ridiculously happy! lol.
Jarrad is great, i love him so much! but yeh i dont actually have anything to post about so heres the lyrics to the song i have had stuck in my head for like a week now.

Motion City Soundtrack
Everyhting is Alright

Tell me that you're alright
yeah everything is alright.
oh please tell me that you're alright.
yeah everything is alright.

Give me a reason to end this discussion,
To break with tradition, to fold and divide.
'Cause I hate the ocean, theme parks and airplanes,
Talking with strangers, waiting in line.
I'm through with these pills that make me sit still.
Are you feeling fine?
Yes, I feel just fine.

Tell me that you're alright.
yeah everything is alright.
oh please tell me that you're alright.
yeah everything is alright.

I'm sick of the things I do when I'm nervous
Like cleaning the oven or checking my tires Or counting the number of tiles on the ceiling.
Head for the hills, the kitchen's on fire!

I used to rely on self-medication.
I guess I still do that from time to time.
But I'm getting better at fighting the future.
Someday you'll be fine.
Yes, I'll be just fine.

Tell me that you're alright.
yeah everything is alright.
oh please tell me that you're alright.
yeah everything is alright.

Give me a reason
(I don't believe a word)
To end this discussion
(Of anything I heard)
To break with tradition
(They tell me that its not so hard)
to fold and divide
(It's not so hard)
So let's not get carried
(Away with everything)
Away with the process
(From Here to in-between)
of elimination
(The long Goodbyes)
I don't want to waste your time.

Tell me that you're alright.
yeah everything is alright.
oh please tell me that you're alright.
yeah everything is alright.

Tell me that you're alright.
(hi, everything's great)
yeah everything is alright.
(hey, everything's fine)
please tell me that you're alright.
(hey, everything's great)
yeah everything is alright.

Hey, everything's fine.
Hey, everything's fine.
Hey, everything's fine.
Hey, everything's fine.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006


hi everyone!

so i pretty much had the BEST freaking weekend ever! even tho it turns out i got things mixed up and Jarrad and Joshs party is next friday ^_^;;; lol. yeh anyway here goes...

on saturday i went to the mall with Jarrad and Josh and it was alot of fun! the only one who bought anything was josh, he got a shirt from hot topic. otherwise we just walked around and talked it was fun. so then after the mall saturday nite i went to Lauren and Scottys house. we were the only ones home till around 1am, Scotty and he and Laurens mom and lil bro were at their aunts house. and i was gonna help her with KH cuz shes not very good at it yet but her mom took the PS2 with them to entertain William (lil bro) so yeh we were bored most of the nite. tho she did make PANCAKES!!! lol. so then when scotty and people got home scotty was sick. poor scotty. tho he was also cranky so i didnt talk to him much lol.so yeh then sunday i went to Laurens singing lesson with her, and OMFG i swear it was like 4 hours long! i was so bored! lol. and shes one of the only people in her whole singing group thing that can actually sing good so i had to sit thru alot of really bad singers practicing. so yeh then after her singing thing we went back to my house and hung out for awhile then we txted jarrad and josh and we met at the park down the street form my house. so we all hung out down there until josh and jarrad had to go home and eat dinner. then after they ate me and lauren went over to their house and we hung out for awhile. then jarrad was walking us to my house and he and lauren stopped and told me to go away cuz they needed to talk, nice rite? lol. so yeh anyway after that i got to come back and Jarrad asked me out!!!!!!! ^0^ i was soo happy!!! oh and just incase its different in other places, here asking someone to go out with you means to be their boyfriend/girlfriend, not just go on a date. so yeh, iam his gf now and he is the sweetest bf ever! he wrote me a poem! i love him so much!
so hes gonna come see me today after school wich is good cuz i already miss him!

well thats enuf of my mushy lovey post lol
hope everyone has a good day! ^.^

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Friday, May 5, 2006


hey everyone

well today is Jarrad and Josh's party! well if their step mom is still gonna let them. she can be pretty mean. so i hope she'll still let them! and if she decides not to iam sure ill get to see him somtime over the weekend anyway. iam prolly gonna go to scotty and lolo's house on saturday to hang out with them and hopefully Jon and Kelley too, so maybe he could come too. that would be fun, Kelley and Lolo havent met Jarrad in person yet. so we could all hang out and eat pancakes and everyone could watch me totally own KH2 and it will be lots of fun ^.^ lol.

well iam off to bed. but i just wanted to say thanks to everyone that still comes to visit me even tho i havent ben able to be around much that at all. you guys are awsome! thank you!


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Thursday, May 4, 2006


hi everyone!

iam sry its ben so long since i posted again. my sis is having finals so shes needed the comp alot and when shes not on it my mom is totally hogging it.

but yeh anyway i dont think i posted about how jon's musical went. it was alot of fun! it turns out lauren was too sick to go so i just went with scott. and at first i wasnt really having fun cuz scott was just kinda being annoying and jarrad had already gone to the show the nite before so he said he wasnt gonna come, and i hadnt really seen anyone else that i knew. so after awhile when we were just sitting in our seats waiting for the show to start and guess who of all people shows up? JARRAD!! ^____^ omg i was soooooooo happy to see him! i missed him so much! so he sat with us and me and him talked till the show started. then at intermission we kinda got separated. adn it really sucked me and jarrad got separated cuz i was starving and he got a chocolate covered strawberry he later tells me he would have shared had i ben with him -_-;;; oh well. so yeh then after the show was over we all hung out in one of the schools hallway things for a bit but then i had to leave T.T so awhile after i got home jarrad and i were talking on AIM and he said "you looked beautiful tonite" *BLUSH* ahh hes so sweet i love him! ^.^ (and since someone is bound to ask, no, me and him arent dating yet. we agree we should just spend more time with eachother and stuff first)
so on friday he and his bro are having a party, so that should be lots of fun. and even if the party sucks ill get to see him! XD lol. man i love that he lives just down the street from me. there wont be any distance issues like there were with scott.

well thanks to anyone who actually read that whole thing, and for people who didnt...meh i dont really care i love you anyway! lol.
have a good day everyone!

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