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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hey...today i woke up at 10 but stayed up last night since 1:30 so ya...i think u can tell i was pretty tired. Why didnt i stay in bed, you may ask? Well today i had to go to the skate park with my cuz and meet some friends. So i had to force myself up, but we had fun at the park. We didnt skate as much, but still had some fun. My cousin was like quiet which is VERY unreal. But when everyone left and it was me,my cousin, and one of my firnds (Calen). We just kinda talked about some important stuff. Calen updated me on some stuff thats been happening with my firnds since ive been working, and havent had to the chance to find out myself. My cousin went skating when we were talking since some of the stuff was just between our group of frinds so it was confidental. So now im updated so i know for sure...High School is going to be very interesting...or the worst years of my life. I cant wait...just bring it on. Well im at work right now and like taking my small lunch break...i know at 5:00 i take...whats up with that. Oh also yesturday i got like a tatto its awesome! It says "Native S8ter" first you had to write it ink and then get a pin and poke holes to spell whatever it is, and put like liquid eyeliner over it and leave it there over night and then take the ink off. and it might look a little bloody but when it heals ypu see the words perfectly. It stays for a month, i think. Well thats it for today. CYA!
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