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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Whats up? Im bored....nothing to do today so i thought about posting something here. Im babysitting my younger brother and sisters tonight. Oh! At school my friends were all trying to open some ketchup package, and none of them could open it and then when everyone gave up on it, then Cee (one of my friends) took it when everyone was looking away except Elisa and opened easily. Then she was all "LOOK WHAT CEE DID!SHE OPENED IT!" and then everyone looked and she gave another ketchup package to Cee and they were all watching to see if she will open it. The she was all puching the ketchup and looked like she was finding a place and then Matt was all " she trying to find the secret place!" in this funny voice. and Cee was all looking bored and then opened it and im assuming they were all in Awe for a moment. this is what Elisa told me today cuz apparently i wasnt there. But it sounded funny. but i like that quote "she trying to find the secret place!" thats funny..Also were graduating this year or in 2 months...and...i....have to go shopping for a dress next week....T_T....THAT SUXS! I HATE DRESSES!! this is soooo sad....im like gonna cry as soon as we enter the store....im probably seious about this.....im might just go..."it suxs, can we go?" or " what did i do to deserve this kind of cruel twisted punishment? i thought u loved me mom." or if they ask if i like this dress, ill stay quiet and then when they ask me whats wrong ill reply " I was struck speechless at the stupidity of what u said." ~sigh~ well thats it....cya!
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