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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

   my 14th b-day
Rena already anounced this on her site but to day is my b-day, and tomaros my party and from what i know im getting sounds cool, muddy might give me his old x-box (its banned from x-box live, so he got another), Citca is getting me a whole anime siries dunno what one tho, im gettin Boktai from Steve VonMeyer, and Itachi-san (u know him) is giving me sumptin and he basicly said that it will be a b**** to unwrap and Kiyokochan will bring Naruto 3 for gamecube and a new naruto eppy came out today (raw) for my birthday, dunno what im gettin from Renachan tho.

Ok, im gonna go now, i've been busy with cleaning so i still havent finished redoing page 1 and 2 and havent finished drawing page 3.

Ok well see-ya
every body

-Bade Kyokono-
Singing Off

p.s.Next time someone views my site I will have 50 hits

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