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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Well, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, now New Year's is on the way!! =] I will not be sending any more New Year's cards though since mine already says it =P Yesterday, I only got six comments so I hope everyone did enjoy their yesterday!! =] My computer had five viruses yesterday. but they seem to be gone now since the internet and everything is ok, but I still saved all my files and stuff, just in case!! ^^

New Layout

Since this layout will only be up until the second of January, I need to know what the new layout should be. You guys (girls) get to decide like Dany's BOTL [Battle of the Layouts].
For know, just choose which theme you'd like the best. They are:

1. Naruto
2. Dragonball/Z/GT
3. FullMetal Alchemist
4. Inuyasha
5. Spring Time
6. Any random graphic I find and edit =P

These layouts will be probabbly up until my finals since it will be hard to update during the second half of the school year (thus the spring time one). Thanks!! =]

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