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Friday, November 9, 2007

Damn, the second semester is about three weeks in and the work is pretty okay. I thought that this semester would be more work since finals are in seven weeks, but anyways, leave it to the educational system to confuse you more.

This is a long weekend which means I can post more and finish up all of my homework for the upcoming week. =] Sadly, next Saturday I have to go to the Fire Department to be CPR certified. I need a CPR certificate to pass my Life Management Skills course. But as for this weekend, I have no plans except to sleep, do homework and go on the internet! =]

Man, this week went by so fast for me. I had four tests, of which I think I failed, and no projects or essays. I have never had that in middle or high school! Thereís a pep rally in a few hours which I cannot and do not want to attend. The gym is small and all the football players and band will be thereónot fun in my opinion. A few of my friends are going since itís mainly for the upperclass students.

I will try to visit sites. =] Try!!

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