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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hey there everyone! Sorry for the quick absence. I wasn't feeling well and I just got my braces tighened yesterday so they hurt a lot, especially with the rubber bands on... >>. My laptop is working great and I just need to upload some more files to it and it'll officially be all mine! =]

In preparation for high school, I've decided to get some books, yes, of all the things to get for high school, books. Why? Because this year, I'm taking courses a year or two ahead of my "normal" classes. I just wanna get in all of my credits so I can graduate in three years. Plus, I'm starting to like reading more with every day. ^_^ Overstock.com rocks, it really has a variety of books. I prefer it over Amazon, but not over eBay.

Other than that, the last two days haven't been real interesting...

P.S. SamuraiPanda is having a contest and asked if I could spread it around. She said to read her post for details...

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