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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Date: June 9th, 2007 - Sometime in the morning

The NEW Layout!

Edgy and interesting, this layout should load normally (if not, refresh the page). What do you think of it and be honest. I added the Fanlistings section because it looked like it had too much space on the right and this is also my first layout with it! =]

I hope the music didn't scare you when you clicked on my site. Yes, I know, Ozzy's loud in the beginning. I wanted to change the layout because it was getting old, plus a lot of people didn't view it due to me not posting in a while so...

I'm Back for the Moment

School officially ended last Wednesday, making this my first week of summer. I plan on doing nothing major except, mabye, having another tooth extracted. I don't really feel like going anywhere since this year was the busiest year of all. My final grades are all "A's," except for one "B" in language arts.

In Other News...

I officially hold the title of being a Senior Otaku!!!! I feel so important! =] I made some more e-cards, like six or so, and I plan on having 500 before the summer is over since I can't work on it during the school year. I also made a new wallpaper!

When I start school on the 20th of August, woah, that will be a heavy courseload on my shoulders. I have to maintain a HIGHER GPA this upcoming year than lasts' since I want to transfer to an academy for my sophmore year, long story, don't ask, I'll explain later. My GPA was 3.67!!! Anywho, I'll try to get around to commenting hopefully!

P.S. I just updated my HTML Help Site!
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