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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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i know, i aint been on here in a LONG freakin time.
i've been really busy with school lately, and i've been working out really hard getting ready for prom in march.
my muscles are really sore right now actually, haha.
and as for other things, i went to an edwin mccain concert with my dad and step-mom not too long ago.
it was freakin awesome!
love it.
and im starting saxophone lessons this week, which is great because i've been dying to learn a new instrument!
here's all i can play:
bass guitar
drumset/percussion(marching and pit)
piano(not extremely good, though)
flute(im still learning though)

so yeah, i got a little bored.
but hey, whats different?
anyway, here's a pic to cheer ya'll up if you're bored or dont feel so hot:



love it

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