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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

   so uhhhhhhhhh
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketi am currently in digital communications class
doing what i do
yeah, you know it!
anyway, in english all of us had to bring cards and candy cuz we were doing chinese christmas today
i was number six...
it was freakin hilarious!
and if you dont know what chinese christmas is let me explain it:
1)everyone picks a random number out of a hat
2)number one goes and picks something from the middle of the pile
3)number two can either steal from number one or they can get somethin from the pile
4)it keeps going on like this, and the numbers after can either steal from one another or take from the pile
5)you cannot steal something that you have had at the beginning of the round

that's pretty much the concept of it
it's really fun!
me and four others about had a fist fight over the bag of reese cups
and it ish:

7 days until 6 months, and christmas
4 days til he comes down
2 days until aliens take my brain
1 hour til he emails me

much love, peace


PSS:italian lesson of the day:
chiuda in su-shut up
chiude l'inferno in su-shut the hell up(you might prefer this one to the regular one XD)

that's all for today kids!

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