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Thursday, December 13, 2007

   another day, another yawn
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in digital communications again
doing...pretty much nothing
im going to my granny's tonight, im happy
get a break from mom
haha yeah
talked to my baby last night and he said the chance of kenny and kyle even hearing the movie will be slim haha
they'd have to move down to the front
and if yuffie angel and sephiroths angel came along they'd be stuck on the other side of the theater
i'd get such a kick out of that!
yeah, im making christmas cards
they've turned out pretty good, just need to colour them
for once everything is going as planned!
except yesterday was REALLY sad because it was my friend andres's last day at school
he had a party at the waffle house last night but i couldnt go
really really sad
i didnt even get to give him his christmas card!
really feel guilty now
but i should go now
yup yup
much love
=] <3 <3 <3

PS:im going to get my nails done tonight, pick out some pants for the christmas concert, make some hot cioccolate, and rest tonight!
screw homework!

PSS:now for your italian lesson of the day:
ti amo-i love you
ti come amico-i love you as a friend
lo amate?-do you love me?

PSSS:yuffie angel=NUCKING FUTS!

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