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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Pure Soul...
Well, i think i accomplished alot over the past two days. I p.m. all my friends and went to all there sites. I might do it again in the near future. No to my main subject. Pure Souls. This story i am about to tell you is true. There was once a man. His name not known. He was a good man with a pure soul. When the world came to an end, he was one of the first to go to heaven. Their, he recieved the name sammuael. He thought to himself, the power of heaven could be his only if he could take out god. So he tried, and failed. For trying to do this, he was locked up into an internal dungeon. The pit of hell. He then recieved the name lucifer. One day, he would be let free and out into the world. But instead of doing good, he brought hell on earth, And the end of the worl following. This is a true story and will happen again. So your soul can become pure, or can decead in hell. So i leave with you a picture of lucifer when he comes back to earth, And this: Reach for Heaven, and Raise Hell.

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