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Monday, March 14, 2005

The Fight...
I asked myself
is this what i seek
the power of hell
in my hands at its peak
I had two options
but could only choose one
would i work for hell
or god and his son
Satan gave me a stare
and said one word
Thats all i heard
From the coal i was standing
i made my choice
to disregard both
and work for the voice
to raise the pain
that had no choice
I would calm the nerves
or hell itself
i would bring heaven to it kness
mos def would you hear the roar
of god himself to strike a blow
at me and my seth
but little had he know
he struck the devil himself
and cause the power of hell
to raise in my health
and then it begun
the struggle has started
heaven and hell
shall not be departed...

To be continued...

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