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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Raise Hell...
There is only one
who will survive
the end of the world,hell,and time
and who ever does
has a choice to make
do they stay in hell
or forget their hate
This is poem
brought down from time
i've made my desicion
i made up my mind
I will go on to live among you despite the fact
my heart is black
but that is that
their nothing i can do
the only way to have peace right now
is to do the thing i can think to have done
this might not be easy
it may be a little hard
but i must give in
and forget my god
he will not forget me
and who i really am
but for the time being
i must give the devil my hand
My days are over
i think i have failed so the only thing i can do
is go and Raise Hell!!!

To Be Continued...

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