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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Demon Slayer Dante...
First of all, all of you are going to love me for these pictures. Now, I'm going to go ahead and tell you right off the back the i don't know who the hell the girl is, but i will know tomorrow so i will post it then. I like the way they put here eyes though. The guy in the blue you can probaly tell is dante's brother. While dante continued his fathers legacy, his brother did not. Now sadly the only time you will probaly be able to devil trigger is twoards the end of the game (hint the name dante's awakening). This is not a sequal Devil May Cry 2, but it's a prequal. That is why dante looks like a 16 year old. In this game the cinematic and gameplay graphics will make you cry with joy. It looks kinda like soul calibur 2. In the beginning of the game you choose do you want to be a gun slinger or some other stuff i can't remember. I havent did that much research but i will today and so i will have more about it tommorow. In the meantime enjoy the pictures.

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