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Sunday, November 21, 2004

How to make a

5 parts hatred

90 parts pride

5 parts ego
Put in both hands and heart, Then Fight!!!!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

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Here are some pics of new games thats out or are about to come out...bloodrayne...Metal Gear Solid 3...and Tekken 5.

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Sunday, November 14, 2004


I've decided that i'm going to stop my anime for a while cause i like talking about it, and posting pictures more interesting. So with that said..... Heres a nice picture of devil may cry

Here is something that i have to dedicate to dizzy. The first thing i thought of when i saw this was her.

I'm so excited to have these clips. I could make them bigger but theyr'e avatars. But anyway, these are clips of kingdom hearts 2 which comes out next year.

Here is your pic. This is the real vash!!!

This is one of two original dragonball af promotional pictures that accedently got put on the internet. There is another one but its not on the internet. This one was mistakly put up here when telling funimation artisian Jimmy Okawa about the new series. You can find this picture anywhere now.

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FullMetal Alchemist
If you havent seen FullMetal Alchemist, i suggest you see it. Its all about the art of alchemy, which is actually real. I looked it up and its some type of art where they use time and equality to do something. I havent fully researched it but when i do, I'll tell you guys all about it. In the mean time, check out edwards arm(cool in so many ways).

People that like final fantasy has alot of time to spare. The games a long and hard and i dont how they take the time to play them. Its like 11 or 12 of them and some that dont even have numbers. Any way, heres a picture...

O.k. We all know that right now, Inuyasha and DragonBall GT is the most popular anime right now. If you dont agree, keep it to yourself. Anyway the reason for this is really simple. They both have the most action you will see ever. If you watch a episode of dragonball gt, which overall has the most action, you will be in suspense in which person will win. Heres another pic

I looked for this particular picture and i found it. This is a picture that shows all the hero's from dragonball z. I am still looking for a picture that shows all the hero's from dragonball gt, but they keep missing people like uub, buu, and giru.

O.k. I found a picture of the hero's of dragonball gt, but it still dosent have buu. I guess they dont consider him to be a hero. I wish it wasent so blury.

Here's a picture of the 4 generations of sayains. This picture is not acurate because a new movie came out that tells about goku's other son goku jr.

I saw this picture of wolf's rain and i just had to put it up here.

This seems to always happen, but you never get interested into a anime till you actually sit down and watch it. This is the case for yu yu hakusho. I just started watching a month ago, and now, i watch it as much as dragonball gt(which is always). Here's a picture that i found which looks really cool.

Alrigt, time for a little mortal kombat. I just recently bought the movie on dvd, and i have sub zero mythologies. I'm like completly crazy bout mortal kombat. I found the best picture i could and here it is.....

ok, I found out what alchemy is. its a pseudoscientific forerunner of chemistry in medieval times. They belived that using alchemy would eventually uncover the philosiphers stone, which could turn metal into gold. The only people who practiced alchemy was scientist and wizards. So the transmutation circle that was drawn on the anime FullMetal Alchemist was suppose to be like the charts the scientist used. Heres another great picture.

Here are the real comic book teen titans. This is what the cartoon is based off of.

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