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Thursday, November 26, 2009

This is going to be a long one
I think I need to pick up myotaku now, and I really do mean I need to. The last couple years after I neglected Myo I've depended on my friends and my own to let my emotions go out in a positive way. Not anymore though, lately I feel like I'm in this big bubble that doesn't let me connect with anyone. No friends, no family or anything. I don't want to sound like some super duper emotional person that is gonna commit suicide or anything, I just feel like everyone I ever knew is slowly growing away from me. Or maybe I'm growing away from them?

With friends I know for the most part it is me who is simply moving away from them. Most of my former friends don't try at school or do anything positive for their future [as in college and careers] so hanging around them is very difficult since they prefer to simply hang out after school and weekends doing no homework or even try at school. I can't hang out at school since I'm doing sports now [ it's so strange for me to say that though, mostly when two years ago I was so busy trying to avoid sports ] and other extra activities that keep me very occupied. Then there are other friends who started out just fine [having good grades, trying to get into sports] but just when we seem to connect and begin a really good friendship drama comes in. Drama for some reason never effects me directly, when people say things about me I was always able to shake it off ignore and go on with my life, but so many of my close friends end up being so attached to drama that I feel that I just have to dump them. I can't baby them to thinking that everything is gonna go well with that one boy when I know that she will simply go to the same problem again and again until she moves on, or try to get them away from that one friend that throws all the rumors out about them. Already I'm starting to be known to be a cockblocker since two of my very close friends are occupied with boyfriends or a boy. I do try to give my friend [who has a boyfriend] space, but five minutes a day to take to her about maybe planning to see a movie or something shouldn't be worth the treatment he gives me afterward [when she isn't around] And this one other friend, I mean this boy is nothing but drama to her yet she simply winds up with him all the time. She even tells me she doesn't want to be his friend, but she spends all her time with him. I know I will have to leave all these friends behind at one point, mostly since they are getting me stressed out way too much. But, I keep resisting. Like if I leave them then I'll wind up alone with no one to help me when I'm in trouble. : (
I do have a few friends who are positive in my future and able to relate to, but even with them I feel like there is something that keeps me away from them. Either it's a family issue or another boy thing, or in most cases I simply can't keep a conversation long enough anymore. It's annoying, but I think I just need to back down from friends for awhile until I figure out how to deal with it later.

Another issue with me is all the extra stuff I'm doing now. Sports and yearbook. It seems rather simple right? Wrong. Cross Country ended last year so I joined basketball [JV] I am terrible, I can't really shoot [getting better, but still bad] and I need to get faster much faster. If I plan to go after girls and block them before they shoot then I need to turn from a tortoise to a hair. All the different plays are getting me confused as well, like when do you know when to play a different one and which one is which. All the practices are from 4:30 to 7 at night, meaning that I only have two hours now to do all my homework [otherwise I will not be sleeping eight hours] Now school ends at 3, but since I am going to take pictures of girls soccer for yearbook that means on every game day I will have to go to their games. The timing does work out, after school I simply jump on the bus and I should get back in time for practice. Trouble is that then I need to make time on the weekends to practice for the half marathon, which will take place in three months from now. I can run up to four miles now, I just need to get up to 13. My family is starting to get worried about this now, thinking that I am getting far too busy with all these 'extras' then relaxing and living life.

A few days ago I had a huge metal breakdown after I fell asleep at home and missed basketball practice. I started to beat myself up. Hitting my head, slapping myself, punching my legs, slamming my head at walls, I even grabbed a fold up chair and slammed it on my legs. Even though I felt the pain and even started crying, I felt like I had to do it. Like if I didn't do it, someone else is going to do it to me. My mother got scared and unable to reach me [since I locked myself in the room] she threatened to call the police. Instead she called a help center which told her not to do anything, since they assume this was just a scene for attention. Trouble is that I didn't know this and I panicked when she said she called the police. I walked out the house [ my room has two doors in it, one door leading to the rest of the house, another leading to the backyard] where I started walking to one of my friend's house. I turned back after realizing that she was an actor in one of the school plays, so she wouldn't be at home. I made it to my highschool, where I went to my locker and changed clothes. [I didn't have shoes on since I just got out of the house without thinking, and I had my outfit for basket ball practice in my locker ]

Here is the thing I couldn't understand. My sister was also in the play, [though she left before I started beating myself up, so she didn't know what happened to me before] but I still waited outside of the play until intermission to get inside and watch the play WITH my friends. We laughed, and talk among ourself during the intermission and I made up some strange story to explain why I was waiting outside rather than paying up to watch the play. Then I left saying that I had to tell my mom where to pick up my sister, before my sister saw me in the play. Once reaching the parking lot just outside of the theater, I noticed my mother's car. I ran all the way home after seeing the car. My legs were black and blue [ the chair beating ] so even though each step was a horrible pain I simply kept telling myself that I wanted to run I wanted to reach my house first before my mother reached the house.

My bed is rather high off the floor, so once reaching my house I simply slipped under there and waited. Due to my bruises I had horrible pain if I tried to move under the bed, so I was sorta stuck there for awhile. Hours passed and I fell asleep until my step sister [who my step-dad picked up and left home with us] started looking around the house for me [after her friend asked her 'Hey, can't your sister simply hide somewhere in your house?'] She found me, and we talked. After that I really didn't get much in trouble since my mom was simply just happy to have me home. And anyway, my mother knew that I wouldn't jump into a stranger's car or did anything illegal, actually she knew that I really just wanted to walk somewhere. I have this thing, you see. Where to calm myself down I either sleep, eat, or walk. When I can't none of them I start to slash out, so I guess once knowing that I was safe my mom was just happy and went off to try to get some help for me.

She told me she was gonna get professional help for me, days passed and still nothing. :/

Anyways, today I did something really stupid. I don't know why but these little things just got me so fed up with my family that I had to calm myself down [sleeping] So I slept, but this is thanksgiving I was suppose to go with my father's family today. When my father came to pick me up, I was already asleep. My doors were locked [one of the little things that got me fed up is when people don't close doors. I hate open doors, so when people leave the door wide open I get seriously pissed, so I lock the door to prevent anyone opening the door] and my mother started telling me my father came. I ignored and ignored her, until she was telling me I had to go. I yelled saying I didn't want to go. More stuff were yelled where I kept saying that I didn't want to go, and you know regular stuff like that.

Then when she told me to talk to my father something I don't even know happened. I started yelling stuff like 'I don't want to talk to him, ever! He is the last person in the world I want to talk to' My father hasn't done anything wrong, but for some reason I kept feeling like if I talked to him or even see him something bad was going to happen. In the end, I didn't go. For thanksgiving I'm with my mother and my step dad. Of course they will go somewhere, they'll ask if I want to go somewhere with them. Probably I'll say no. Or maybe yes.

I want to do something to keep myself sane, and so far just typing all this up helps. If only I had more time in my schedule then I could type on very lengthly posts like Zaku. Haha, that would be fun. But far too little time.

I should start dropping stuff, since it seems I am getting far to stressed out. But, I love it all. Yearbook, basketball, running, and getting good grades, so how am I suppose to leave it all? I know friends is one thing I have, no will, dump until I only have a few very close positive friends. But I doubt that will be enough. If I keep running and typing on here then things will get better.

I can only hope. I mean everything was going so well until that one metal breakdown. [hitting myself, running away, ect] After that things just been so much harder.

I hope I didn't bore anyone to death with this. Sorry if I did. Then again, the only people I would expect to read this is Zaku and... ermm ^^;; Ha, I think it will be only Zaku. Everyone else left after Theo changed.

Hey Zaku is your reading this, don't worry too much. I'm figuring things out. I'll feel better : D

See ya and take care!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guess who is posting?
I am that's who! I doubt anyone would even reply to this, but damn it's been a long time since I posted here! I still remember when I was only a wee little kid posting on here just about every day. Those were the days where Myo was thriving! Now it's just barely living, but hey at least it still has loyal members on here. I doubt I can be considered that loyal but at least I'm still coming back here. Maybe myo is some old lover that I return to due to old habit? That would certainly make some sense since sometimes I simply come rolling into the site and do nothing else but stare at the screen. Well, enough rambling, let me talk a bit on how things are in my life now.

One of the biggest things going on at the moment is cross country. I've been in cross country since around June and throughout summer I've been going to the practices. I'm not fast, I admit that but I do have plenty of endurance. At the invitationals, not actual league races but more like schools are invited to participate in the race, I haven't come out last and I've been doing rather well there. I'm not the star or anything, but damn I got 132 out of 160 girls in the most recent race! 132! I mean seriously last year I would have probably not even reach the finish line! I know that is a rather large number right there, but that is such a huge improvement for me. The whole team was cheering me on throughout the race so that helped out a lot! : - D I enjoy running, I really do just wish I wasn't so slow

You know, one of my dreams is to run in the olympic marathon. Chances are that I won't be winning the gold there but just the idea of running the marathon is exciting. My teacher actually runs marathons, so maybe there is some sort of hidden meaning there. o-o

Another thing going in my life is homework. Just about all my classes are honor classes, so I got loads of work just about every day. So not good since I get distracted a lot when I do homework. Like right now! Haha, I'm suppose to be doing an essay. ^^;; Bad little ol' me

Just to let you guys know I've been addicted to Gaia. I love roleplaying, so I often spend my time searching and replying to roleplayst. My username is GR33N-P3NGU1N so if you have an account just add me! My older account got banned due to some friend of mine, so I use my old mule now

Hm, I think that's all to mention now. I might change my theme soon, that is if I ever get to it. @__@ Friends should know by now that I'm like no reliable when it comes to Myo.

-See ya laterz!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Drama, Weight, And Fish
I don't like drama, I just wish people would just be happy with life. If something is wrong then don't make it complicated. But that is too much to hope for, drama comes with life. End of the year is coming up soon and even though it is rather happy to think that summer vacation is coming up it does mean sophomore year is coming in close.

My counselor already gave me the classes that I will take, most of my classes will be honor classes. No surprise there, however there is a small chance that we may move away. I'm tired of moving and just wish we can stay in one spot for more than a year. I signed up for cross country, and I just hope I am not gonna be the fastest girl there. I know I'm chunky but I'm not that fat! It's just that I don't like to be always the heaviest girl in the group or being the one to struggle to do the two miles under twenty minutes. I have improved [ from five laps to seven ] yet I still feel like I need to lose weight.

I'm not gonna go into a crash diet but, it is frustrating to carry the weight. I want to lose it but I don't have much hope in losing it. I can pace myself, do the bleachers and just about anything else my friends can do with not much problems compared to my friends but I feel so heavy compared to their thin bodies. It's not like I compare myself to them all the time, just that they always say "I am so fat" and stuff like that, and then I just look at them and simply can't believe they would say that mostly when standing next to me. My BMI does show clearly that I am over weight, but not extremely, yet when my friends say "Oh, I am so fat I need to lose the pounds" I feel like I am an elephant around them. It's embarrassing and even though I tried to talk about it to them [ you know ask them not to say anything ] they just turn and say "Yeah, but you look good that way". Maybe I'm just exaggerating or making this up in my head. I know I won't starve myself and that I don't really need to since I am not really fat fat just it feels so bad to be this weight around my friends who are so much lighter than me.

I don't want to make this post just about weight so I mention something else. My friends got four fish from a festival in a school and gave them to me since they couldn't keep them. Unfortunately, Totoro [ the biggest one of the four fish ] died a few days ago, and today Kenny died as well. Now only two are left, Takun and Yuki. : (

On a happier note I finally talked to my ol' pal L! It's been over a year, but I finally got hold of her cell # and called. You know, I would have thought we would have been awkward talking to her again but it seem so normal. At first she seem rather distant like she was someone else well but after awhile she seem back to her old happy self. Hopefully we will talk more often and not wait a whole year to talk to each other

Haha, I'm surprised I didn't mention how long ago my other post is. I'm alive people and I'm glad that there are still people on Myotaku.


1 - Have you ever talked to someone who was your friend before but haven't talked to in years?

2 - Ever felt embarrassed about something about you? [ example - weight, hair, height, ect ]

See ya and take care :3

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello : )
Hello everyone; with so many disappearing acts I should be a magician by now. Which I shouldn't be bragging about due to my neglect of commenting on everyone's post. I'll make this short and sweet since it is almost time to go to sleep.

As some may know California has this fitness test that all high school students must pass. There are six tests and you can only fail one. Of course I knew I wouldn't pass push ups, which meant all the other ones I must pass. That is until I checked my BMI [ which is part of the test ] Guess what? I'm so not passing it. I'm almost obese, even though I don't look like it. Which incredibly sucks, cause I need to lose 25 pounds by march. Christmas will be filled with sugar free candy and ect.

Besides the very bad news, I have many good stuff to tell you all. On Wednesday was Anime club, because it was nearly winter break [ Friday is the last day ] we did a gift exchange. My friend Maxinne and I exchanged gifts; I gave her a Jack Skeleton poster since she loves the movie, and she gave me a Penguin doll and a penguin clip. If you haven't guessed I love penguins! : 3

Then today [ Thursday ] my friend Naty gave me a candy bag! Which is another reason why I'm backing cupcakes for my friends. Only six friends though, because I keep eating their food and borrowing money from them. I have to make it up for them one way or another.

And lastly, I finally got to know what happened to my crush. I didn't really even know him, except his friends [ now they are all my friends pretty much ] Now, he transferred to another high school nearby and today he decided to say hello to all his friends. Even though I didn't get to really meet him, I finally got to learn his name and of course stand right next to him for a full ten seconds.XD Crap, I sounded like to some stalker in that last line.

Now, I must go to finish off those cupcakes. The last bit of good news is that I have all A's in my progress report besides PE [ I have a B in that class ]

See ya peoples! : )

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween!
I know it's not halloween yet, but with so many long disappearing acts I doubt I will be able to say happy halloween on the day.

Saturday I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain! It was a three hour drive, and the car was packed. My two step sisters, my sister, brother, step father, my mother, and myself were all rather uncomfortable. However, it was worth it. My step sister, and sister convinced me to go on all five haunted mazes.

First, before I go into detail of the mazes, I must tell you that I am easily scared. I have such an active imagination that even a simple jacket can seem to be a the girl from the Ring. The slightest noise could be a guy with a gun, even though all the doors and windows are locked. And now I'm stuck in 'Gotham City' where these evil clowns are running about scaring people. Hm, doesn't sound such a good idea. Even though I am easily scared, I have a huge curiosity problem. Which means that even though I'm scared to deaf of scary movies I just need to know the plot and what happens. Once I know it, then I'm alright; if I don't then well I must watch the movie D:

The above applies also the the haunted mazes. We [ my step sister, sister, and me ] bought the wrist band [ five dollars each ] to go to the mazes so I had to go. The first one was all clowns in different rooms [ and I'm claustrophobic so that meant more scare time for me D: ]

At first both of my trusty shields [ my step sister and sister ] seemed to be alright, not even that scared. Too busy telling me everything was alright and getting me far away from the scary stuff as possible. [not that much room to do that though ]. Then bang! A clown comes down from the ceiling and scares everyone in the room! The clown was hanging from the ceiling and flying to go straight to our faces!

The second maze was the scariest, small narrow rooms with different scary stuff in each one. One room had the Ring in it [ didn't scare us, since we were in the front and already knew she was there] and then there was one with fake hearts and lungs in the walls. That room had the light going on and off, so when the monsters came out it was like one moment there is nothing then another there are up to your faces!

The rest were still rather scary, but I don't want to bore you guys to death on how many ways I screamed and freaked out. Sunday, we went to buy our costumes. My step sister was going to be a lady bug, but the costume was too small in the chest area. So instead she is going to wear this costume. Candy Corn

As for me, I'm going to be Lolita Kimono My step sister showed me how to do my hair and make-up for Halloween. :3

Today in Biology there was a sewage problem. The whole thing backed up and it flooded the whole room. We had to go to the library, but the few people [including me] who went in to get some books were horrified how nasty it smelled.

I've been visiting a few people, though there isn't that many people to comment to. I wish Myotaku would go back to how it used to be. But nothing I can do other than post and comment. *sigh*


- When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween? And what were you?

See ya and take care! :3

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mamma Mia
Hello everyone; I know another disappearing act! I'm terribly sorry but I just got internet a few days ago.

Since I have been away for awhile, I guess you may have forgotten that I was going to move. Well, last saturday I moved and here I am. Right now we only have a few things left before we are offically done with the unpacking. My step father still needs to put back my desk or I will be unable to put the rest of my belongings where they belong.

A few days ago I went to register in my school, I got my schedule and everything done. Just that I need a re-print of my schedule. My mother sorta used my schedule to kill a spider, so now I need a new one. Other than that, not that much to mention.

The day before I moved however, all my dear friends came over and went to the pool. It was like a good bye party since we all said goodbye in the end. D: I'll miss them, but I did call them to tell them my new phone number. I doubt I will lose touch with them, but even so I refuse to let that happen > D

Oh, do you guys know ABBA? Since I love the song Mamma Mia [ I heard it from the movie ] I searched for the song on Youtube. Well, I found out that all the songs that Mamma Mia had were from ABBA. O__O Damn, I was so out of the loop. Now I bet all you guys are going to tell me you already knew this.

This song is from ABBA the song is "The Winner Takes It All"


- Are you an ABBA fan? If so, what is your favorite song from them?

- What is the most recent food you have eaten?

See ya and take care! :3

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comic Con
Hello everyone, missed me?

Yes, I disappeared once again. Sorry for that, but it seems I can only stay on Myo for a few days before making my disappearing act.

Now, during my time gone plenty of exciting trips happened. On Friday my dear friend Romina took us [ my sister,and me] to this small place where they had a pool, and water slides! Romina's mother brought along many of her friends [that is also including all their kids ], and everyone brought so much food. We quickly started eating, and Romina was happy to get out of her diet. No sugar or bread was torture for her, mostly since she went straight to the bread!

In the pool however, I was touched in the wrong place! You see, one of Romina's mother's friend's son [ so sorry, forgot what to do when there are more than one 'possession' ] asked Romina, my sister, and me to play tag; the moment I said yes the 7-10 year old boy went straight to my chest! The moment his hand neared me, I back up and unfortunatly nearly drowning my sister in the progress ^^;;

The rest of the day was wonderful though. We went down the slides, and we raced! Eating ice cream, and acting like little kids for a day was awesome! : - )

Saturday was Comic Con day, I was in San Diego with my father and expected to be in the convention center thirty minutes before it started. Sadly, my father wasn't prepared and we came an hour after it started. Then my father just had to act like an a** every time we got some random free stuff. You see, on the way to the convention center people give out random ads; this of course interested me since most of the stuff they give out I actually check out. Sure, most of the stuff I may never actually sign up to but here and there would be something interesting.

My father thought otherwise, and he continued to piss me off. Now, before you start thinking the rest of the Comic Con day was just me being pissed off by my dad here are some good things. My father bought me a hat and two pictures! The pictures are Naruto and two girls in bed. ^^''

Some of you may have known that Tite Kubo was on that day, and you were correct. And no, I didn't see him! D; My father was incorrect at the time, and we arrived late. Missing Tite! [ Interestingly enough one of the freebies I got had the actual time where Tite would be on D : < ]

Sunday with my father was shopping overrall, my father bought me t-shirts : ) May not seem much, but I only needed t-shirts and a backpack. [ None of the backpacks I liked there ] After that, my mother picked us up for my Grandpa's birthday!

I saw my cousins, my nephew, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. It felt more like a family reunion than an acutal birthday. One interesting fact that you may not know, is that right after my Grandfather's birthday will be my cousin's Ale then Armando. O__O Usually in birthdays there is time between them to get your wallet ready for the spending. ^^'' But there is only a week difference here. This is also why we couldn't go to each birthday party since we live 2 hours away from everyone; therefore we gave everyone their cards with money early.

Monday was lazy, since we slept over. Not much to mention here since all we did was eat, 3 hour ride back home. And, well sleep ^^;;

Yep, that was my days! And here is the other important news. Remember when I said my mother promised we weren't going to move until next year? Well, that might change. You see, my step dad Luis got this job opportunity in San Diego. Just like my mother! So far we still don't know if we are moving until Luis gets all the information. Moving to San Diego will costs a lot more money than moving here. That, and I don't want to move nearby my fahter! D:

Oh well, even if I move I may still see my friends. You see, my step father still has children here and he sees them every two weeks. This makes it easy to just jump in the car and see my friends while Luis sees his daughters. But, until I know if we are moving or not I don't know if I should start telling my friends that I could move. So far, only Romina knows.

Now an AMV,not sure if I showed this one before but oh well I like this song. The movie is "Magnetic Rose" with the song "Liminality"


1 - Do you go to anime/comic conventions?

See ya and take care! : 3

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

I went through a physical! Man, was it horrible. The Doctor was nice, and she was probably the best doctor we were ever assign to. The thing is, I didn't like the idea she had to take a peek on my breasts, put her hand down 'there' and look at my butt! It was uncomfortable, but the shots topped it off. Sadly I had to take three shots, luckily my sister had four shots! Oh, I nearly forgot to mention about urinating in a cup! That was certainly wonderful! Trying to piss in a little cup!

Normally today I would go to my father's, but I didn't. I simply didn't want to, therefore I'm here at the house. The reason why I may not have went there is what I found out at the doctor's. I'm in the border line of obesity. I'm 29.5, obesity is 30. :O

Even though I'm already going on the treadmill, I was still scared. I don't want to be obese! And on Monday we are planning to check our cholesterol. Usually in my dad's diet is unknown, and I simply don't want to learn that my cholesterol level is dangerous to my health. I'm nervous!

Since I bet you want something more cheery, well I submitted something. Sadly, TheO was evil and wouldn't let me submit it. Fortunately I have a deviantart account.

Since I'm horrible at making links just copy and paste the following URL


Now an AMV. This one is from Last Exile with a song from .hack! Song - Liminality Artist - Yuki Kajiura And it's from the .hack//Liminality soundtrack.


1 - Shots?

2 - Ever been on a diet?

See ya and take care! :3

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh dear, tomorrow/today I am to report to the doctor. I don't want to, but I need to ask if there is anything I can do for my back. Lately, my back simply won't allow me to go to sleep. I have to 'crack' it by going in very uncomfortable positions just so my back will leave me alone. Another problem about going to the doctor's is that I have to wake up around 8 AM! Yes, I know how terrible! Mostly when I go to sleep around 4-5 AM and wake up around 2-3 PM. I know, late but I am in vacation.

Since vacation started for me, I have tried to lose the extra pounds by going on a diet and walking on the treadmill. Sadly, my mother bought ice cream therefore diet plan didn't work. Now, going on the treadmill is simply isn't working out. But, I must be strong! Going to go on the treadmill any minute now. Yep, any minute. ^^''

Not much to talk about, other than the neighborhood kids continue to come here. It's irritating that they seem to be coming over to our house just about every day! Mostly for the pool we have. I simply wish I can walk around in my pajamas without the neighbors to see me.

Yesterdays post I forgot to add about my new theme. What do you guys think? So far I don't remember ever having a all green theme. :/ Lately my themes have been very different colors. Light Blue, Red, and now Green. Woot! Go Green! [ I just love my new icon thing ]

Last night, around 5 Am [wait wouldn't that make it morning? ] I submitted something. As I read Magnus's post and saw her 'saucy' project I decided to give it a go. It's a sketch, and I forgot to add the guy's arm, but please check it out.

Here is the link

[ A Kiss ]

Now, the regular AMV. It's a Loveless AMV, and it's about Soubi and Ritsuka. [ why am I not surprised about another Loveless AMV about those two? ] The song is "Speeding Cars" by Imogen Heap


1 - Do you often have company over?

2 - What is one book you really want to read?

3 - Do you exercise often?

See ya, and take care! :3

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Me Again
Hello everyone; how are you all?

I am aware I disappear a lot, and I apologize for this. Myotaku simply isn't the same to me anymore, I don't know I simply don't feel the need to post here. Yet, Myo is still a great relief for me. If there is something to be said, I find nowhere else to say but here.

Today my mother told me we are moving back to San Diego in a few weeks! This is after she promised we are to say here for two years, and to move the city we lived before. For those of you who don't remember, I lived in San Diego then moved to another city, and the moved to here. My mother and I simply don't like it here, it's just so ghetto.

Anyways, back to the topic, I was surprised that we are to move back to San Diego in just a few weeks before school starts. Fine, I don't like it here, but I told all my friends we will meet up in Ike [ the high school I'm going ] That completely broke my heart, because I was planning to go Choir [ my friend force me ], French, and the Key Club [ it's a community thing].
Luckily, after some time my mother decided against it and we are to stay here for one more year. :3 One year is good enough for me. At least then I could say goodbye to my friends properly!

Oh, guess what? My friend Romina went to New York! Yes, you heard right! From South CA to New York. I'm so jealous, mostly since I want to go to New York so badly. But hey, she did promise she'll buy something for me. I just hope she also buys me something in Canada. Yep, from New York she will go to Canada!

Lucky her, but I just hope she takes loads of pictures. I want to show them off to all my family, telling them how lucky Romina is.

Wanna know something? My sister and brother are the worst hosts. My sister never takes care of her friend that is staying over for two weeks. My brother is disgusting, he is just nine years but that is no excuse to fart in front of everyone. When I say fart I mean a fart that came be heard from the other room. It's pure disgust.

Oh well, hopefully he'll grow out of it. Soon. Hm, what else to talk about? I recently saw the movie "Arabian Nights", right now I want to read the book. :3

Seeing that I have run out of words to say, here is an AMV
"Must be Dreaming" by Frou Frou, no clue what anime it is though.


1 - Any city in particular you wish to go?

2 - What is one thing you wish to do before you die?

See ya and take care! :3

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