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Saturday, May 26, 2007

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It's the beginning of the end
You want things to go faster
It's the beginning of the end
Now everything's too slow for you
It's the beginning of the end
You are one step closer
It's the beginning of the end
Say Amen

Or maybe Doctor Online could help you die
You need wings to fly
You need someone
To take your place
When you are gone

Is the beginning of the end
You know nothing last forever
A beginning of a trend
You need someone there to care for you
Is the beginning of the end
I don't think you understand
Just a beginning of a flatline
Yo, people what's up? I've been here for 4 years. And I love it!!! I love the colors Black, and Blue. I'm kinda a dark person sometimes, but don't judge me on that. Hmm thats about it. Feel free to sign my Guestbook, add me as my friend, and leave me a comment.

Doctor Online-Zeromancer
It's summer!!! Woot! Lol

So I think I should tell you all what has happened in this past month or so.

-I'm single. Broke up with Boyfriend
-Got Kingdom Heats 1&2
-Didn't get awesome grades like I had hoped for
-Discovered I have low-self Esteem

Hmm thats about it Lol
Yesterday was the last day of school for me. Me and my friends went to the movie to see Pirates 3!!! It was awesome!! Lol Hmm well I'm going to try and get back to MyO. I'm taking Summer School to get ahead of some of my credits. Also next week I have to clean my room. If some of you remember, I had moved LAST April. Never finnished unpacking. SO I'm going to get into my closet next week.

Nothing else more to say. I'm off to read fanfiction.


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