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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

   Sup All
How is everyone doing this fine and cold day yes thats right i woke up freezing which i don't mind as much since i am not sweating so yeah

Sunday i finally watched the 2nd Resident Evil Movie which i was not that happy about i mean with the ending, i mean come on why would you get help from Nemesis it was just to weird but if its in the story line then i guess its fine, also i did watch some more Haruhi Suzumiya which to tell ya its a hard series to keep up with but just so awesome to watch, i am also happy that adult swim finally brought back Cowboy Bebop i was so freaking happy i mean thats one of my top favorites so that was cool and i also watch the new episodes of Noein and Tokko which if you have not seen them you should cuz there just freaking awesome.

Also plz someone tell me how to get a background up if you can that would be cool

Thank you for your time

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