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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   a poem i made it mean's a lot to me
Your histrionic's are lonesome.
Your word's are exhaust.
Every aspect is a insult no me
but to you.
I found out all methods and I
show no remorse.
No more tolerating the bull shit
you devoted your time too.
I hide in isotation and adjusting
to the pain.
Magnified my heart to remove long
For keep sake.
Ensured my inspection was carefully
You upset.
I fuckin promise im not one to forget.
You miscalculated the one you got into
the conflict with.
So confess.
You confidences alway makes a debte.
But your guilty.
You alway's needed clousure.
Now you hope to escape.
I mutha fuckin hate you.
Now avoid your mistakes
You always try to control my uncertainty.
Your not truthful.
I should have been more systematic.
I was holding on to neglect and that
misspelled I LUV U.
I couldn't see that your love was near sighted and underprivileged.
I was misinformed.
I should of picked up the paper.
Now im sitting at the end of the line reading a eulogy about mistake in time.
Your inthe back of my book and there's no
more time for you......

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