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Saturday, October 15, 2005

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ok so heres update of my life so far, and why i havent been on in OH SO LONG:

yeah, our team won the homecoming game, but our marching band didnt take first place at a competition...we lost by .05 points!!! GRRR we were second....anyways, we are still cumulatively improving, while other bands are staying the same score....and today is the state competition! which means....no more marching band after this! ...yeah, its really sad to see the seniors go... so i guess i'll give it my all today! the time should lighten up after marching season is over ( which is tomorrow ) and i should be able to get bak to checking all your kick ass sites out! allright guys, wish me luck, and sorry for not posting and visiting in so long, and i hope you understand

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