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Monday, September 12, 2005

   ok now that i showed respect....
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somethings i dont like about the day ITSELF (9/11)....sure lots of people died, but what about all the other days? like the timothy mcveigh bombing? (forgot location) that was just as tragic! just because another american did it makes it less than wat a middle eastern did? both are equally BAD and what about columbine? lots of KIDS lives were ended that day too! why isnt that a freaking "holiday"? all 9/11 did was smack some sense into good ole fat uncle sam, but we just go back to taking things for granted and taking a break on the day that all those people died for us! the least we can do is respect them by KEEP on working, showing that we wont show that we are scared, that we'll keep standing! and ever since 9/11 theres soooo much more racial profiling! wtf?! al-queda is just an EXTREMIST GROUP! wat about KKK? i guess theyre not so bad heh? geez.......is it just me or am i ranting? yaeh i am... *sigh* thats my rant.....no this isnt against the victims, this is against BUSH AND HIS STUPID LITTL E MIND-FUCK......yes...well....*ahem*.....my life: well, its ok......well, yeah....its just too much work!...well, thats all there is right now @_@ yup well

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