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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Oh come to me, thou ever-proud!
Thy prize shall be thy mourning shroud!
Those evil deeds that thou hast done
Shall set as surely as the sun!

To rank and power I am blind,
My justice is the purest kind.
Once earned, my wrath shall never die,
No savior will again come nigh.

My markèd blade shall seek thy blood,
Swept up in rage’s angry flood,
For respite I will know no more,
Until thou fall’st at Hell’s great door.

Though pagan warrior I may be,
Never strive to hide from me.
Shadowed ways and moonless nights
Cannot hide the wicked’s flight.

That which thou dost will come again,
To haunt thy dreams until life’s end.
For bound I am by honor’s hand,
To purge the evil from the land.

So to the damnèd I say this,
For thou, but one true fate exists.
For I am servant to the just,
My vengeance thou mayst always trust.

On the wings of blanchèd night
I’ll bring to thee a cruel blight,
For duty drives me at the core
To work my justice evermore.

For I am Nemesis.

--So what do you guys think? It's for a contest at an artist's website. We're supposed to write a poem to go with one of her pix, and I wrote a poem to go with her pic of the Greek Goddess Nemesis, Goddess of karma and revenge.

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