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Monday, July 24, 2006

yea yea its summer...best ime of the year righ? nope. there my friends go again...ignoring my and my friendly greetings and going on with their smug lives. I don't say much to them but can't they at least acknowledge me? even for just a minute could they take time and say hello and a friendly greeting? its just one minute!! I feel really left out...all I have left is you guys...and some other friends who take time to ask me how I am fairing and such. bleh...sometimes I wonder if my friends, the ones ignoring me of course, are really my friends? or are they just toying with me? making me look stupid? well...apart from being left out I'm really good! how about you all? I hhope your having a better summer then I am. anyway bye! take care!

~Kaitou Dark Mousy

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