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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm bored. this is not a pop up :D
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Goin On A Field Trip! And Me Getting Beat Up Story. Funny Huh?
I'm going on a field trip this thrusday the 20th! BOO-YA! we're going to the turnbull wildlife refuge! there's going to be birds and other animals there! and I get to spend time with my sweety which another thing (I'm 12 by the way) Its going to be a 40 min ride though. and I like to go to sleep on busses -_- I hate it when I do that. well it beats doing homework and work at school! and it beats having to stare at the school bully. oh yea ::winces:: I just beat up by him. thankfully it was a boy so easy to beat him. at least he wasn't the biggest school bully. then that would suck. >.< I still hurt all over though. I guess I could've died...thats what my friend thinks anyway. she said "she should've let this play out not start a fight with him! look at you! you're nearly a bloody pulp!" god. she doesn't know me. I don't even think she know's the reason I started a fight. I guess she couldn' have seen it but I was protecting her. stupid thing to do huh. stand there and watch your friend get harassed and then get scolded by that same person. I don't like seeing my friends introuble. but stupid huh. I should've just let it play out. someday I'm going to take a 22 and shoot that guy. at least my parents don't know. yet. I'm getting purple bruises up my arms...but I'll manage. I've been in bigger fights beore. I didn't get into trouble with the teachers though because it was on the field where lots of people are. I haven't even told garret yet. or aaron. I'm not planning to either. they might decide that they need to beat the crap outta him. but there oys so it won't be easy for them to beat another boy up. do you get my meaning? yea...well I'm going to go to bed. night.

really pissed and bruised,

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

   its gotten worse....boys!!! whats with them!
ok. my friends have become my friends again (took them long enough) but know this friggin kid it annoying me! he tripped me in the hall and wrote all over my notes!!! ::kicks a bucket:: guh! I'm planning big! bbig big big BIG revenge on him! pronto!!!!!! grrrrr....::stalkes off::

don't talk to me I'm thinking evil,
dark mousy

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

dnangel japanese episodes!!!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

woooo! I'm so bored
my head hurts...BAD <.<

this is D.N.Angel episode 1! (note: ITS IN ENGLISH!! ^o^)

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

bar thingy's :)


Daisuke is such a clutz.

satoshi's secretive look makes me shiver in fear ^O^.

why is satoshi a genious.

dark kicks ass!.

dark mousy rules over us all!.

stealing things in the dead of night again are we?.

Krad is psychotic.

Krad is evil.

will forever remain friends.

daisuke and satoshi...not much to say.

Opposites are explosive archenimies.

Krad and dark are natural enimies people.

theives in the night.

Daisuke x Dark is heartbreaking coexistence.

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mixed anime playlist

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dnangel music vids

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so totally hurt and confused
my life is so crappy...somebody HAS to help me...my friends in my school aren't what I consider "friends" anymore...I can see right though their tiny brain how they feel about me...they think I'm nothing...I might as well die right now...so I wouldn't have to be troubled by these stupid conflicts..I bet there only my friends because I'm smart...I guess thats all I am...to them at least...I think aaron's pissed at me for no apparent reason...and madison only wants me to help her on her homework...yeah...I dunno about garret...well...hes always helping me though stuff...I guess I can thank him at least...I just wanna die and earn my wings already...I don't wanna be appart of this earth...I don't think anybody would miss me...and if I did die the only ones that WOULD miss me would be my friends that I het at horseland, youtube, myspace, and anywhere else...they were more friends to me...well...I think got something in my eye...gotta go...

forever forgotten,

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