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Monday, June 5, 2006

   .....so....I haven't updated in a while....^-^;
Oh, hi remember me? yeah....I haven't updated since what, march? School and Kingdom Hearts 2 and work kinda kept me from updating....I've been kinda overwhelmed....but I think I can breathe now! I beat Kingdom Hearts 2, and schools out, (although I'm starting to take government at my local college today...^-^;) I've been reading a lot of manga, chibi vampire and +anima were my favorate new ones, I definatly recommend both of them. I went to shiokazecon....stayed at the hotel all weekend, but with the group of friends I was with, it was all drama...they couldn't stop arguing and getting depressed for five seconds...(there was a hot roxas cosplayer though..^^) I bought a lot of posters and wallscrolls, and some cute little FFVII:AC keychains...and some pictures that the artists were selling...then at night we would go to all of the parties and sing karaoke XD (the reno cosplayer in our group sang bohemian rapsody XP) I was cosplaying as Kairi, and even dyed my hair darker for the part...
But now, me and one of my best friends are planning our costumes for Oni-con...we're going as gothic anime fairies, most likely...and we're not taking any extra people with us, so it'll be a lot more peaceful.
My art has been doing pretty well, I've been a finalist in 2 contests, one of them hosted by the National Art Honor Society, so hopfully by the time I graduate, I'll be able to get a full scholorship for college, if I keep it up...but maybe not...it seems only jocks get the free rides where I live...it's not fair really...(I suck at sports..)

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