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Thursday, March 9, 2006

I'm on spring break right now, but it doesn't feel like it...I worked saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday...after work I checked for KH2 updates and played Xenosaga...then it was back to work for me...but I was off today, and will be friday and saturday...so when I'm not writing my english paper, I'll hopefully have some time to rest. Oh well, I get my paycheck tomorrow, and I'm going to pay off the rest of KH2 (reserved it @ gamestop in august XP) then maybe get some anime or manga or something...
I did submit some new fanart though...well none of it's really new, just some old pics from a year ago that I decided to color...
I'm worried about how sleepy I'm going to be when the AP exams come up...then I have my SAT this summer... *sigh* I did pretty well on my PSAT though, 'cept the math, so hopefully I'll be ok...(why am I even worrying about this now?)
I know I slept til noon today, so why am I still tired!? Arghhh! *goes to beat up sephiroth on KH*

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