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Thursday, December 22, 2005

   KH2 WAS RELEASED!!!!!! (lucky Japan...)
hahahahaha it's here, finally, after a little over three years of waiting!!...actually...it was here yesterday at nine in the morning,(midnight dec 22 for japan) but I was too lazy to update. or maybe I shouldn't even say it's here....cuz' it's not. it's in japan, where the fortunate few that live there get to see the wonderous glory that is Kingdom Hearts 2!!!!!! (er...actually...I downloaded a few scenes...^-^; but they don't count as spoilers, because I have no idea what they're saying 3/4 of the time...)
kh2.co.uk has a ton of scenes for those of you that are as impatient as me.
I loved the opening movie!!! for the spoiler paranoid peoples-It's just a prettyful review of KH and KH:CoM, so watch it already!!! (I weep for those of you who have computers that are to slow to download stuff T.T)
Tell you what, if you want to see images from the opening movie, just tell me so, and I'll get some clips with my dad's digital camera, okies?
In other news...I'm having trouble calling the blonde haired kid Roxas....you see, a while back, I gave him a nickname....Sake`. and I've gotten so used to it, that I have to double check myself everytime I say his name...
^-^; thats it, I'm not giving game characters nicknames anymore!!!

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