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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 05/04/06:
Innocence is Soujiro's theme *grins* me happy!

Which Rurouni Kenshin song best describes your life? by seanaholic
Name :
Age :
Favorite food :
Favorite color :
You are...Innocence
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Result Posted on 05/04/06:
oh squee~ness!

Which Rurouni Kenshin male should be your sex slave? by aleatory
Date of Birth:
Dream Honeymoon place:
Dream wedding dress color:
RK sex slave:Soujirou
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Result Posted on 02/11/06:
yippee! Vash! heehee, i'm watching trigun right now on my computer *watches episode* OMG! lol, that dude called Vash chickenshit! lmao!

You are Vash!

Which Trigun character are you?
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Result Posted on 02/11/06:
Edward is SEXY!!!

What Full Metal Alchemist is your sex slave? by elphingirl
sex slave:Edward Elric
where:in Ed and Al's burned down house
how many times:1,000,000,000
how many ways:70
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Result Posted on 01/16/06:
-sigh- it's either anger or sumthing depressing...IS THERE SUMTHING WRONG W/ ME!?!?!

Result Posted on 01/14/06:

Your Magic Abilities by Stathgar
What is the magic word?
Telepathy: 16%
Premonition: 62%
Clairvoyance: 26%
ESP: 14%
Psychic Ability: 81%
Psychotic Ability: 81%
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Result Posted on 01/14/06:

What creature of the dark are you? by romulus_lupin
First of all, what is your name?
What would you LIKE to be called?
You were born:December 10, 1176
Your clan:The Anthos clan, known for their dedication to nature in its purest form.
The colour of your hair/fur (if any):Tawny brown with flecks of gold.
Do you get along with the other clan members?No; There has always been an open dispute between you and a few of the older clan members. It seems they don't like the way you handle yourself in battle.
You are most known for:Being the son/daughter of an elder.
You are a(n):Harpie/Harpy; Instead of arms, you have wings. Instead of feet, you have sharp, deadly talons. And you scream really loud. However, you enjoy scouring the sky for lost human travellers so that you can kill them and eat their flesh. Hey, everybody's gotta eat. Since you have no arms to wield weapons, in battle you use your dangerous talons to get the point across.
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Result Posted on 01/14/06:
i love the game golden sun, the games were so much fun to play!

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What Golden Sun Adept Are You?
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Result Posted on 01/14/06:

You are a Loner
You are a Loner.You dont live with a pack,you
prefer being alone.You can survive this way
just fine,though at times you just cant help
feeling lonely,even with the raven who follows
you as your partner.

What position are u in your wolf pack?
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Result Posted on 01/14/06:

You're Cheza. You can talk with the wolves and
understand them. You're the only human that can
talk with them so you're someone original!!!!
Everybody loves you, especially Kiba.

What Wolf's Rain character are you?
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