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Monday, April 9, 2007

   Rants...I think that's all this post is xD
Hope everyone had a fan-diddly-astic Easter yesterday! ((Even if you don't celebrate it~)) I know I did! I watched anime for the majority of the day **

What did I watch you ask? I watched Sukisho (I may have spelled it wrong, it also have a big long name, but I'm not gonna type it :P) which was reeeally good and cute! It's only 12 episodes and...it's yaoi, so don't go watching it if you don't like that stuff ^^ It's not graphic though if that's what you're thinking O.o One of main characters even has the same name as one of my OC's, and they have a similar hair style too...it was kinda freaky xD And I also watched some more of Kyou Kara Maou. I freaking love that sword Morgif and when Wolfram gets all jealous! I really hope to be able to watch some more, and SOON!

Yup...that was my Easter ^^

GAAAAAAAAAAAAH~~~~~ I have a dentist appointment today... ... ...Boo! TT^TT So I won't be around this afternoon! I pray I don't have a cavity. And you know what else sucks? I left my Biology worksheets at school...Fnck. AND~~~ music Contest is on Friday! Meep! ..U I hope I'm ready for it! Especially with my vocal solo ^^;

And I've also come to the decision...I'm not gonna be submitting any more of my art here. I mean, there's not much of a point. Nobody other than my friends looks at 'em, and besides...I like the more mature audience that deviantart has. I've never seen a comment there that goes "Eeewww, naked man and lady *pukes*" b/c they prolly have the common sense needed to stay away from something they don't like. But I got that as a comment here on theo, and while it made me laugh my ass off, it also made me realize that this place is full of immature kids. And those kind of kids annoy me so bad! *twitches* I'm sorry, I don't like kids =_=;;

Soooo, if I do decide to do one more submission here, I want it to be a passionate naked yaoi scene, or better yet, a big orgy of some sort, and I'd dedicate it to all the immature people of this site X3 Sadly I don't think I'd be able to do the orgy one ;^; Tis beyond my skill *shrugs* Oh well.

And if talking about orgies and stuff made you feel even the least bit uncomfortable, I am very very sorry D:

So, uh, yeah...done with my rant now *nods* And I think I'm done with my post too *thinks* Yeah, now I just have a craving to go watch more anime before I leave X3 That and someday soon I wanna draw Sora and Nao from Sukisyo!!! Squee, I lubb them! And Sora's big pink elephant toy xD

I'll shut up now O__o

*huggles huggles and more huggles* I lubb you all~ Take care and have a good week! :D


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