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Friday, April 6, 2007

   An Otaku Update
Alright, quickie update!

Sorry AGAIN that I wasn't able to get to some sites! And I'll prolly be saying that every time I update for a very long time T___T Tonight I will get to sites, I will try my hardest!

Right now I am on Easter break! w00t! Soooo happy x3 Yesterday I went with my mom to Fargo b/c she had to have a shot, and I also had an eye checkup thing so I could order my colored contacts ^^ They'll be here sometime next week.

And today...I...feel like cleaning O_o Don't tell my mom, cuz then she'll have me clean the whole damn house! Instead I'll just clean my room and the compu room >.> Both are desperately in need of it sadly ^^;;

Then when I'm done getting to sites...I'll either draw, read, or go anime crazy. It'll prolly be that last one though xD I've started 2 animes now. Kyou Kara Maou and Princess Princess, both recommended by the wonderful, talented, superly awesome ElvesAteMyRamen! They're both really good so far, though I've only seen a couple episodes of both.

Okay, so I've told you my plans, now it's time to do them! See you all later tonight! x3 *superspecialawesomehuggles* Take care and have a good day!


P.S. - Omg go look at this if you're as obsessed about Kingdom Hearts as I am!! :BB

KH2 Final Mix Secret Ending

It's freak out time! kdjodjofjfldskjfosdijflkdsjfl;kdjsflkjdslkfjds;lfkjsd;lkl3iuvidnvioi;sjtj

I want it *_*

That is all x3

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