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Sunday, April 1, 2007

   I want spring to come.
IT'S SNOWING!!!!! *dies a million deaths*

DDDDDDD: Nuuuuu, it's suppose to be spring, damn it! I hate snow *munches on a cookie*

Well, I'm still at my sister's place, I've stolen her laptop ^^ We're gonna finish our shopping today. Yesterday I got a bunch of art stuff at Hobby Lobby. That place is grand x3 And after that my mom and I went to Walmart and got some stuff, and then we met up with muh sis. I guess things are going better than we thought with her. She and her boyfriend have talked, she even went and saw him (that's a 3 hour drive folks). I don't think they're back together tho ^^;

Anywho~ Then we went to this second hand store called Plato's Closet. I got some really cute jeans, for cheap, and they're only slightly used :3 Aaaannd then...we ate Chinese.

Homgkdjgdljgldjf :BBBBBBB I love Chinese, lyke, woah xD Soooooo good!

After being stuffed with really good Chinese food we went to my sister's apartment, watched movies, and went through some of her old photo albums. My sister was, and still is, a party animal x3

I hope I get home in time to finish my homework O.o We have to do a coat of arms for English class, and then do a speech thing. I only have to color it still...and outline what I'd do for the speech.

I gotta go, my mum is questioning my motives for typing so much *shifty eyes* I'm not sure if she 'approves' of my online participation to this site. Oh well, too bad for her :D

*huggles* Take care you guys! Happy April Fool's Day!



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