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Saturday, March 24, 2007

   Hooray! I'm friends with Spiderman! :D ((I wish I was!!))

Hi O3o

How goes it everyone? I'm doing fine, same ol' same ol' really. I was able to get to some sites this week, so that was good. And I got, well, most of my homework done. I just gotta read and take notes for Biology and a book report for English. Today I'm gonna do that and then finally finish my freakin' Robert Jordan book I've been reading since forever ago! I'm kinda getting sick of those 900-almost-1000 page books ^^;;; And then I gotta do some major practicing on my flute part .___.

That flute and it's blasted music will be the death of me >3< Curse you solos!

Let's see, I haven't finished watching all of Star Wars yet. Still gotta see episodes II and III. And speaking of movies, I'm hoping to have another 'movie night' with my friends later on. Hopefully it'll be a go :3

This weekend I also wanna start watching the anime that ElvesAteMyRamen is talking about, Kyou Kara Maoh. The guys are smexy lookin' x3 But I really doubt I'll get to it ;;;^;;;

Hmmm...I have a World History test on Monday. That'll be fun.

Know what's sad? I'm sitting here at deviantart as well, and I just keep refreshing the page to see how much the comments and favorites keep going up, and almost every time they do. Ain't that just sad?

I hope I can get to drawing this weekend, I really feel like drawing. And I got a few ideas, but I just don't know if I'll have time, or energy, I'm always getting so tired -.-;;

Okay, seriously guys, it seems like nothing has happened aaaaaalll week! I pretty much have nothing to talk about unless I start pulling random topics outta my butt, which I've already been doing practically O.o

OH~~~ Random topic! My brother is doing this study thing, and the study is that he's testing A.D.D. pills. The person said he'd either get really hyper or really tired. I'd so laugh if he got uber hyper xD But if nothing happens does he have A.D.D.? X3

Hmmm, anything else...? I should prolly get to bed actually O.o I wanna...wake up a little early *sighs* Waking up early on a Saturday should be illegal ;^; But at least it'll give me more time to get my stuff done...right?

*monsterhuggles* Take care you guys! Have super-special-awesome weekend! x3 I lubb you all~


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