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Saturday, March 17, 2007

   You know what's sad? I know more about Harry Potter than American History!
Wahahahahahahahahaha~~~ Okay, so that title might almost be a lie, but seriously...I no like American History. It's boring >.>

Yeah, I got reeeeeeeeally bored ^^ Course, I'd rather be bored than be in school! Mooha! I didn't have school yesterday (Friday) b/c it was our "Spring Break" *sighs* Oh well, one day off is better than none!

But yeah, SO! Do you guys like what I did with muh site?! I might change it around still, not sure if I like everything or not. I want to thank Ms.BakuraIshtar for giving me the box code and more, and Aerith for having that awesomely amazing help-site thing x3 You guys ROCK! *huggles*

I also went through my friend's list a bit just a while ago. Basically I deleted the people who've NEVER come to visit me and such.

Thursday was a fun day. It was Star Wars day at school and everything in class was connected to Star Wars. During the afternoon we even watched Episode IV: A New Hope! After school when I was done practicing for small groups, Lolly and Ali came over to watch some movies, since we didn't wanna go to the school dance x} After the movies we played Wii Sports. It was loads of uber fun, I'm just sad that we only had one controller so we couldn't play against each other x3

Then yesterday morning my brother and I watched Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. I would be out there watching Episode VI right now but my dad's watching tv, and by the time he gets off I won't wanna watch it. I'm tired and I plan on going to bed early!

And this week I watched the animes Black Blood Brothers and Air TV =D Both were nice and short and really good ^^ BBB reminds me of Hellsing. Vampires and the main character decked out in red xD Air on the other hand was kinda confusing, but it was cute! I hope I can watch the Air movie this weekend.

Hoooiiim, I think I'm actually gonna head out now. I wanna eat something and then get some sleep. I skipped supper :( Why? B/c these past couple a days my appetite has been nonexistent practically x__X I want some food, cereal preferably...Mmmm, cereal... Actually, you know what I'm reeeally craving? Olives. Green olives. I'm an olive fanatic you guys, and I've had yet to find as big a fanatic outside my family. *sigh* Why do people not like olives? T3T

Uh, okay, so I'll stop short my rant about olives and just say goodbye now *huggles everybody* Well, take care and have a great weekend! Love you people :D


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