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Saturday, March 10, 2007

   Dah walrus ate meh muffin!
Heh, it seems like forever since my last post, but you know, it WASN'T! *stupid laugh*

So what's new with everyone? I ask because sadly for the longest time I've had no motivation to even turn on my computer, let alone get to sites. And when I do get on the compu it's usually right before school so then I don't have time to comment! I'm sorry ;^; Especially to you Angel Zakuro! I have read most of your posts, and I feel so bad b/c I wasn't able to even try to comfort you when you were feeling so down *huggles the crap outta you* ;;;;^;;;;

Guh, so, uhhm, news with me. Yeah. Pretty okay week I guess...I went to the doctor on Tuesday to get my cold checked out and why I've been getting sick for so long. Well, nothing physically wrong, but he prescribed me some meds and they've been working great and all. Only thing is that they're hard on my stomach, which in turn makes me grumpy b/c I'm in pain ^^; (sorry about that Lolly!!)

Yesterday was Festival! And you're all wondering "pimp juice...uh, wtf is festival?!" I'll tell you what it is. It's when our school and 3 others get together for a choir and band performance. Each school picks a choir and band song for us to do about a month or so before the actual thing. Then for Festival we get together for 1 rehearsal to make sure we're all together and nobody's majorly screwing up. We also have guest conductors come.

The band conductor was intimidating to say the least ^^; He liked yell and he made people look stupid. At one point he pulled out a check for $500 and said to a kid, "I bet this check that you're playing the wrong note." All in all, he was a good conductor and he knows music very well (he better since he's a Dr. in that area) but he was scary.

I'm glad that concert is over with. And for anyone who wants to know, I play flute and am a 2nd soprano :3

And guess what my Biology teacher tried to do?! She tried to correct that morning while the band people were gone, and only give 1/2 credit to said band people b/c we were gone! For a SCHOOL event! Luckily the class was able to stop her. Thank you class! I have a feeling that I'm gonna be complaining about this for a long time...

I also heard that a classmate of mine dropped the F bomb while speaking to our English teacher, and that she made him eat soap. The guys in my class think swearing is best thing since sliced bread. It's nice to hear someone get in trouble for saying a real swear word, whereas, I get yelled at for saying 'Hell' after school hours.

You know, I've been really tired lately. This whole week except for one night I went to bed before 10pm. Even last night, a Friday night, I was in bed by 9:45pm! The sleep was soooo good TTwTT

Uhhh, this post is getting kinda long >.> I have a paper I'm gonna do today, so I may or may not be around all too much. I really wanna get it done with. So I'll see you guys around ^^ *huggles bunches and bunches* Take care and have a great weekend everybody!


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