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Saturday, September 2, 2006

Hullooo =)
Heyy everyone! I'm at my Mom's bf's house and this computer is MUCH better. I had a pretty good week if I do say so myself. =) Teehee. I had a volleyball game yesturday. JV lost. So did Varsity ((my team)). Our first game was 24-26, which is REALLY GOOD. Then the rest weren't too good but I had 7 aces in one game. And a sick nasty kill in another. =) And a wicked good rally and everything. I love hitting lol. I am actually out on the court a lot this year, too. That's amazing! =) And and and... I dunno.

Oh wait, yes I do. Last night, I went to the State Fair with Doofus. We had so much fun! We went into the buildings and took as much FREE stuff as we could. We rr both straight, but we loaded up on Gay Pride pins. They rr so pretty and colorful ^^ and we donoted a dollar each to the Pro-Life found. And got stickers and stuff from there. It was our good deed.
ps: Baked potatoes from the State Fair rr extremely YUMMY to the maxx. Haha.

That's all we really did. Then she came here with me and has to wear my clothes because it was a last minute descision ((sp?)). But it is all good. OMG. School starts on... WEDNESDAY for meee. Ohh boyy. And we have a game. Thank gosh it is only a half day on Wednesday. =) SWEET!

EdwardElricThe2nd made me a really kool button. It's at the top. I heart it! Check it out.

Well this is kinda long right now and I don't want anyone getting bored with my boring posts, so I am gunna comment as many people as I can right now!

Talk to you all later !

1- If you could be a character in any anime, which one would you be in?
2- What kind of character would you be?
3- What would you be? ((Ex: Demon, Human, Witch, Superhero... etc.))

1- InuYasha.
2- Not the main character.
3- Wolf demon =)

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