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Monday, August 28, 2006


^ Thank you to whoever took my quiz. =)

Okay... It is too early and I have volleyball practice. I am deff sleeping in the car because I am at my Mom's bf's house and it is 45mins away! So I have to leave here soon.

And we might get our uniforms today. I want NUMBER FiVE! =) Hehe!

If anyone has ever seen Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban then you know about those Monster Books. My stomach is making the noises they do! LOL!

HaPpY eArLy BiRtHdAy To KiLwOoN!!
And whoever else's birthday is tomorrow.
I've been having short-term memory loss this last week or so. It's quite annoying.

I've also been having the urge to say "I reckon" and everyone keeps laughing at me! Ahh! Oh well. It's fun!

I'm gunna comment everyone after 2PM-ish because I'm gunna spend time with my mom before she goes to pick up my bro in CT.

Have a wonderful day!


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