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Sunday, August 27, 2006

LONG POST! ((Sorry))

Well... I watched a TON of movies yesturday. Haha. Omg. My first volleyball is on Wednesday and there rr sooo many problems already.

One:: We haven't even gotten our teams yet.
Two:: Our Varsity ((some people know where we rr going to be)) setter won't be there because she is in a golf tournament.
Three:: Half of the girls CANNOT spike the freaking volleyball.
Four:: A fourth of the people cannot serve.

So we somehow have to have a very good season with this! Hopefully things get a lot better. in a year or two, though, our team is going to be amazing ^^ Suh-weet!!

I found out that our Homecoming Dance is on September 23rd this year. Last year is was October 8th. It's early! I already know what dress I want, though. I think I am gunna get it. ^^ It's really pretty. It's gray and silver.

Some guys that rr my friends rr really starting to annoy me. I find that lately, I am getting frustrated very easily. I think it is mostly because of volleyball and school is starting soon. But I haven't gotten a good sleep in almost a month... which is pretty bad.

My Harry Potter quiz is finally done. It took me longer than I thought it would, though, I am happy with it. ^^ Finally. Something I can be proud of. Sorry it took me so long. I don't think many people rr going to take it, though. =/ Ohh well.

I'll be working on wallpapers starting tomorrow and through next week. So hopefully I get a few up.

It still bothers me that Alien doesn't like Brian, but she would dance with him. I'm sorry if I keep going on about this, I will stop. It just bothers me. She likes r2d2 and I would NEVER EVER dance with him! >< Urgh. Stupid people.

So yea... This is quite long. Sorry!!

I am kind of tired but I am waiting until Midnight to post this lol. So that way everyone has pretty much a full day to see this and I can get to about half of my friends' sites when I am done posting this. ^^ Very very convenient.

My legs rrn't as sore from volleyball anymore. But my back kills. It feels like if I move, it'll break.

I am thinking I might get some fan art up within the next two weeks. I found some in my portfolio and I was wicked happy because I thought I lost them! That would have been completely horrible.

Okay. Good night/morning everyone!
have a terrific day!

((I thought it'd be fun to get to know everyone a little more. So if you feel like it, answer some questions.))
1:: Has anyone ever heard of the band, Stalins War?
2:: If you could transform into any animal at will, what would it be?
3:: What is your favorite color?

1:: Uhm, yes I have ^^
2:: A wolf, of course!!
3:: Black.


Clicky here --- >> Harry Potter Quiz <3

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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Whew. I am making a Harry Potter quiz on Quizilla. It'll be done soon. By tonight, at least. My username is x..MyPaperHeart..x so look it up, okay? I hope you'll like it. ((it's for girls... just so you know.))

And on Monday, we rr going to be told what team ((JV or Varsity)) we rr going to make =) But I am kinda nervous. *sigh* It sucks.

Thank you for the twelve comments on my last post. ^^ It made me feel special. I guess I am going to stay. I won't be able to get online as often next week... So don't delete me off your friends list or anything!! And I am gunna put my email up sometime next week. =) hehe.

Time to comment everyone =)


I want to make a new wallpaper ((Actually, a few)) and I need some ideas. If you would like to request an idea for one, I will dedicate it to you ^^ Okay? So lemme know.

What is your favorite anime?? =)

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I had fun at the Double Days game last night. It was amusing. Though. I got mad at Alien while we were sitting down. We were talking about Homecoming ((a dance at our school, for those who don't know)) and I asked Silverdragongirl if Brian ((The guy I like)) would go to a dance. And Alien is like, "Oh! I would dance with him." --Right after saying she coulod care less about him. and I am like... "I like him!!" I mean, I have for almost a year now. And she didn't seem to care so I said, "I know you like R2D2 and I would never dance with him for that reason!" And Alien is like "Oh! I didn't know you liked Brian." >< Believe me, I was mad.

Then I had a dream and she told me and Doofus that she was going to the bathroom. But instead, she found Brian and danced with him. And Erica showed me.

=( This is one reason why I don't like it when I like people. Though, I prolly don't have a chance with him anyways. *sigh* Oh well.

Oh and I dunno if I should stick with myO. Yesturday, I had this strange urge to not come back here? I dunno. What do you think?

lots 'o love.

Who is your fave anime character? And why?

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Heyy everyone!
^^ I got a new layout! Booyahh! ^^ haha. Finally.
And omggg.
I am chylling with Silverdragongirl. =)
I haven't seen her in forever.
So I gave her a sand-filled salamander/gecko thing.
haha. It's cuuuute.
Anywhoo... I made her listen to my songs.
I sang quite a few in a weird voice.
And did a good imitation of Gir saying "I'm gunna sing the DOOM song." That makes me proud.
Volleyball was torture today. MY LEGS HURT.
ANd we have it Monday through Saturday until September 6th... 8:30AM-10:30AM. URGH. Haha.


Any ideas for new wallpapers?
((I have the urge to make some right now))

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Monday, August 21, 2006

I don't want one...

Hullo everyone!
I missed you all soo much while I was gone. ^^
The Caribbean was simply AMAZiNG.
I loved it.
It was different, though.
I saw 3 octopi while snorkling. And we went horseback riding. That was fun! I have never been before, and the guy said I did really well. ^^ YAY. ANd I exploded from eating fancy, rich-people food all effing week. haha. So much fun!
I've got to go! TROUBLE! I shall comment everyone laterr O_O


How was everyone's week??

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Friday, August 11, 2006


Yea. So I am getting ready to leave Niagara Falls now. Wootness. Then early tomorrow morning, I am going to the Caribbean!!! YES. I am gunna try and get online there and I most likely will.

Well this vacation was awesome. But I missed going to everyone's sites. I had my laptop but I was never in the mood to get online. Too lazy haha. Sorry about that. But I am gunna get to as many sites as possible before I leave now.

Talk to everyone later?


Thank you everyone for the 10 comments on my earlier post ^^

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Alrighty. This is super. Uhm... I won't be able to get back on myO until maybe August21st because I am gunna be on vacation for a long time. I feel really bad and I might be able to update, but I'm not shure. I'm really really sorry about this!


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Monday, August 7, 2006


TiME: 10:42PM.
MOOD: Tired as hell.
Song: None.
TV SHOW: Nuthing yet.
MOViE: None.

My birthday weekend was soo awesome. Lemme start from each day. Sorry if this is long. ^^' I really appologize.


I went to Mike and Danielle's birthday party, which happened to be on my birthday. They had it on my birthday so I could go to it. How sweet ^^ And I got to meet all their ((some of their)) friends from school. Which was kool. Ha. I rhymed. Anywhoo... This Tommy kid likes me now. *rolls eyes* Greatt. And everyone sang happy birthday to me and Mike got me a SWEET AWESOME KOOL Panic! at the Disco t-shirt. ^^ i love itt. he babysat his cousin so he could buy it for me. And Pulsifer baked me a cheesecake from scratch. Amez ((silverdragongirl)) got me awesome CDs and a Borders gift card. AND SKiTTLES ^^ i love her haha. And Doofus got me two tank tops and a bag of SKiTTLES. And my bro got me SKiTTLES too! I am gunna be HYPER for a while now haha. Then after the party I got into trouble WHOOPS and then Amez and Doofus came over. iT WAS WiCKED FUN! We played soccer with the neighborhood people and then stayed up and created our own story... which was awesomee.


We went to the Renaissance Festival. I dressed up as a bar maid haha. Rental clothess. But it was AWESOME. ^^ Soo much happened. I ate three turkey legs!! And we watched a MudPitShow. WHiCH WAS SOO FUNNY! And we got hit... with... MUD. Doofus got mud in her eye... and I cried because of it. I dunno why. I don't like things like that. Eww. We also got head wreathes and bronze coins that we created ourselves kinda. And and and... we watched the Trial and Dunke and and Jousting. It was soo funny. The guy mouthed the EFF word when he hit someone in the head with a shield. Quite amuzing.
After the fair everyone hung out and it was boring so me Doofus Amez and Mike hung out. We played Truth or Dare til 12:30AM. During that time, me and Doofus stole his bike, brought it to his house, left it there, then walked back in the dark... on the side of the neighborhood where there rr no street lights... FREAKYY. There was a person on the swings, i swear! <--Mike, Doofus and Amez said I was crazy =*( but I wasn't. So thenn... when he went home, me and Doofus felt bad, so we walked him home. And walked back alone >< Amez wouldn't come with us!
Then inside at 1AM, we watched Not Another Teen Movie til 3AM. SO TiRED by THEN.

I was gunna go out with Mike last October, but then my friend, Ash, told me that he liked her and didn't like me ne more. So I was hurt as hell ((considering I liked him most of the summer)) and I moved on from him. Liking Jeremy in the process. And I found out that she was lying and that he never liked her >< she was lying the WHOLE time. UGH. i AM SOO FREAKiNG PiSSED OFF AT HER RiGHT NOW. Then she got mad at me a few mins ago that she is jealous of my two best friends (( Amez and Doofus )) but uhm... THEY HAVE BEEN MY BESTEST FRiENDS FOR TENNNNNNN YEARS!

Good night everyone!



&& I would like to thank alponse13 for the card she made me ^^

AHH! i can't get to everyone tonight SO SORRY! I'm too tired =*(

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Saturday, August 5, 2006

   SURPRiSE!! it's my . . .

TiME: 12:48AM.
MOOD: hyper. Tired.
Song: None.
MOViE: The Mummy.

Today is August 5th... that means... iT'S MY BiRTHDAY TODAY!! =) I am finally fifteen! I am super excited. Today is gunna be awesome. Though, I am going to Mike && Danielle's birthday party on my birthday. But it'll be fun ^^ Then Silverdragongirl && Doofus rr coming over until Monday.

{{ I won't be posting anything again until Monday because I won't have time to be online long enough. So I will get to everyone's sites on Monday! }}

Today was fun. I played volleyball with Pulsifer. Then hung out with Erica while C-boy had baseball practice. Then came back out here to my mom's bf's house. && hung out with Mike, Danielle, Tori, Lauren, Bryan && Jonathan. We played soccer then went swimming at like 11:10PM. =) So much fun!

I'm sorry I won't talk to anyone tomorrow, though. I hope everyone has an awesome day ^^ I will be thinking of everyone while I am at the Renaissance Festival!

Good night/ good morning everyone!


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Friday, August 4, 2006


TiME: 12:54AM.
MOOD: Tired. Lazy.
Song: None.
TV SHOW: Not shure.

Haha. I think the background to this post is really funny! Sorry =) I had to say that!

Anywhoo... yesturday I hung out with Mike for the majority of the day. Then Danielle came over and we made plans for today. Then last night... me, Mike,Danielle, C-boy, Tori, Bryan and Lauren played soccer. Lauren said no kicking, yet she kicked me and tackled me. >< my knees kill now. She is lucky I have some slef-control.

Alien called me and she left me a voicemail... which... I kind of agree with her. She said Jeremy is trying to guilt me into being his gf again. Haha. it kind of makes sense... if you think about it. And Mike said that Jeremy is taking all his anger out on me because I am a forgiving person. I reminded Mike of my brick plan... haa.

So yea... Very exciting day, if you ask me! lol. Omgg. Right now online... I am talking to three guys... and all three of them like me -_-" so it is awkward when they rr all flirting at the same time. i ran out of things to say haha. I'm changing the subject on them. Whoopsies ^^' haa.

Ohh I have an AIM sn now so if anyone wants to IM me on it... go ahead.

and we have a new member to the POTC club ^^ She is LadyLenaJade.

Good night/ good morning everyone!


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