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Saturday, August 27, 2005

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MAN THIS SO SUCKS! I AM HAVING THE WORST WEEK/WEEKEND EVERY!!! I swear! my peoples found some stuff out that i REALLY I MEAN REALLY! Didn't want thenm to see right? And now i am not allowed to see my beloved Shuichi for a long time! I mean like we can't spend the night at each others houses..... Man i hate my parents...
This is not kewl....

But now i have a time limit on how long i can be on the phone and or computer and thats why i havnt been on in a while... *sigh*

On the week i have 2 hours for like talking on the phone and or being on the computer.... so yeah..... so my peoples can see what i'm doing.

And then i have 4 hours on the weekends.... so yeah my dad said when i get some trust back he will extend it and it wont have to be from 7 to 09 every night....

I wanna see my SHUICHI!!!

Well yeah.... so i really don't have that much to talk about...... I'm thinking of runing away.... I might But i might not.... i REALLY DON'T KNOW!

anyways... yeah

If something comes up then i will post again.... but for right now my life sucks.... so i guess i will talk to you all laters.... so yeah.... Heh byz all!

(whoever bothers to read this..... )

Loves and hugs

p.s. i love Shuichi the most though!

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