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Sunday, May 1, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com ok you guys i like flipping out now! my dad is so determind that im doing drugs! you should see him! saturday night he was like 'let me see your arms' so i gave him my arms and he looked at them cuz he thought i was cutting my slef cuz i always cover my arms up. then this morning he asks if im on crack cuz im wearing a hoodie and a long sleeve shirt on today and its muggy outside. then this afternoon he and kandis come outside and my dad takes my arms again and looks at them and i go 'ok...' kandis goes 'what are you doing? seeing if she cut herself last night?' i go "no. he thinks im doing drugs. like heroin." and they both just stare at me and kandis says i shouldnt know that you do that on your arms. and dads said that kandis was dense cuz im 13 and even i knew what he was looking for and she didnt! lol but yeah im gonna have to have my mom have a talk with him about this...they say i cover myself up to much...but i dont know maybe i should stop wearing my hoodie 23:40 7? lol i have to take showers you know! lol well laters tell me what i should do ok? thank you! ^^
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