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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com man! i live in florida and i read all 10 graphic novels of gravitation that have already come out! i have to wait till sometime next month till the 11th one comes out!!!! XD im not gonna live! man im soo mad! waaa! do you guys know of any good manga with like yaoi or something? shuichi read some reviews on some g/n and said that she had a list of good ones that she would like to read but i dont know what they are!!! she wont tell me!!! lol ok i think im good! man me is bored... did anyone see saw? its supposed to be scary but i dont know... yeah shuichi is comeing over this weekend and i am going to rent it cuz she is wanting to see it really bad... me is gonna be scared i just freaking know it! lol no...not really...lol but yeah tell me if its any good or not k? well today we took the NRT!!!! it was soo freaking easy! i was like dude! im done already!? i thought it would take longer! lol but yeah it was easy and we got do do nothing but talk after it! lol yeah shuichi had to leave school early and im glad cause she probably would have clinged to me again... and i would have fallen...XD ahh! wait she has a site on here and shes gonna read this and shes gonna be like "oh yeah! now i gotta cling to yuki another time tomorrow!" and im gonna have to hide in seguchis pants and then shuichi is gonna get mad and kill seguchi! then tatsuha is gonna try to rape shuichi and then ryu is gonna get mad at me for starting all this and then hes gonna be chasing me! then hiro will home and be taking bad pictures of all this happening XD and then im gonna have to hide in seguchis pants forever! XDXDXDXD
man! what is the gravitation world at our school coming too!?!?!?!?!? lol ok im done! did you like my story? im really hyper and emotional right now! lol ok now im bored again... *stomach grumbles* what th-? i just ate! maybe ramen wasnt the answer...? or maybe im thirsty!? naa...me will just sit here...lol yay sitting here! well me is gonna go now cuz me have to copy the lyrics for the song bye eminem... the one that goes "the way you shake it, i cant believe it, i aint ever seen a n ass like that" yeah if you own the cd you know! woot woot baby baby! lol dude love you shuichi! lol i gotta get him zapped tomorrow like everyone keeps getting me...what should i write?... hmmm....? well whatever! ill see you guys tomorrow! SORRY FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT YAOI LOVERS AND I PUT A YAOI PICTURE UP!!! PLZ FORGIVE ME!?!?!?! ^^

yuki says:: shuichi is mine! back off!

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