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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

   im bored...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com man ryu is really mad at me! she said the only reason im writing her notes is cuz i want her to feel sorry 4 me but i was just saying that i know she doesnt like me to hang out w/ shuichi like i do and that she could hang otu with her more and i didnt care... i hate it when two friends love the same frind...XD lol well im sad mad boerd and just feel like i wanna cry... but dont feel sorry 4 me cuz i dont want peoples thinking that! lol i just wish she would stopo feeling taht way and just like be ok with me and shuichi hanging out... i told her she could hang out w/ her and i didnt care but she doesnt believe me and now she wants to kill me...

ok so im bored and imma go talk to me friends now k? see yall laters! love u! yuki

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