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Monday, February 28, 2005

   day one down four more to go...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com well! lol today was my first out of five days as a prep... i cant remember if i told u about my bet with my teach but i have to be a prep for all this week and it is hard! i was wearing flip flops for once and a tight shirt and pink jaket with pink nail polish and makeup w/ some other stuff... lol well we had fcat today... *reading* and i didnt like it... i finished each session in 15 minutes out of an hour so it was pretty dull! at lunch i had to sit at mrs.poseys tabel and a bunch of peoples kept comming up to and saying hey and doing the hand thin XD and my friend was like damn! u sure do have a lot of friends! i dont think i do but apparently i do... lol well im so bored no one on my buddy list is on right now except ryan and im waiting for poopsie to get on but i dont think he will... me and my friend ryu are in a fight over shuichi ill write what i wrote in a while... but yeah shes mad at me... but i dont really care for some odd reason... well here is the note k?

2 shuichi 4 yuki
2/27/05 9:49 p.m.
hey shuichi... im writing u a note that is a copy of a note i wrote to ryu..plz read!
2/27/05 9:43 p.m.
hey ryu...man...whats up? well u dont have 2 worry about me and shuichi being super close friends anymore... i dont know why, *actually i do*, but everytime i think of u to together i get really irritated and mad...i dont like feeling like that... especially tworads my friends! so im just going to not hang out with her as much and if i start doing other things maybe i can stop loving her. so then u can have her. im just going to be an addition...i just want my friends to be happy and u two seem to have alot of fun together! i would ruin everything... and i dont want to hurt u guyz... my love is interfering with my friendships and clouding my mind.. its causing u and me to have fights and i dont like that... so ill see u later... byz! love ya!yuki

yeah sorry it was so long guyz... so um yeah im bored im going to go get my ddr game back in a few and then play it so i better go k? love u all! love yuki!

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