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Thursday, January 6, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com ok so today was the bomb! lol i had the cooliest time! and im soo scared too! man my friend said that befor i leave that i have to do something at his house first! man im freaked out! LOL well i hate jonny! i found out that my online friend that supposedly said they hate anime now likes it all of a sudden! lol well im really tired and i have a ton of manga to read! and my egg baby died on tues the day i first get it! i mean come on babies dont die if u flick the or hold them! god i hate egg babies! DIE! ALL OF U! lol just kidding! mine was gay looking anyways. so whats up with all of u? i think im going to start putting a question of the day up fom now on!STARTING TODAY! lol well ill do the question of the day now because i am going to go and eat dinner in a few! SALAD AND HOT DOGS HERE I COME! LOL

?)have u guys ever read the graphic novel GRAVITAION?
if u have comment and tell me if u liked it or not!

goood bye now!

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