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Thursday, December 30, 2004

   *sadly* hi...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com hey everyone. sorry i havnt updated alot lately. ive been sad. i just got really bad news. we might loose our house we r moving and i wont see skye robin or brittany or cliff anymore after jan! so im really upset. well i have to move to my dads for a year and switch schools. then i have to move to orlando and be even more farthure from my friends and then skye is moving. robin is going to be by herself. sorry robin! and i got THE FREAKIN FLU THIS MORNING! ok so yeasterday i was at the mall with robin and skye and we basically stayed at the electronic butic all day and hung out with a worker there named daniel. (we called him dan the man) he was thursty so we got him a sprite and he gave us free magz. it was kewl.allright well WOULD U LIKE TO PLAY A GAME OF LUCK HIT? HOW BOUT A GAME OF LUCKY HIT? *SURE* ITS 50 DOLLARS AND THE RULE IS...* YEP YEP I KNOW IT ALL* LOL SURE SURE SURE SURE! LOL WELL I FEEL A LITTLE BETTER! I NEED SOME COMPONY MAN. I GOT A KEY CHAIN THAT SAYS *damn caps* ok well it says "time is never wasted when ur wasted all the time" its funny! lol and another one that says "BITE ME litteraly" lol well im going to go. my time is almost up so see yas laters!ALOS HAPPY DAY BEFOR NEW YEARS eVE EVE! LOL were going to have 10000 balloons fall on our heads tomoorw at 12:00 midnight!
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